Olive oil prices: Production cut brings sharp rise – Margin checks – Newsbomb – News

Olive oil prices: Production cut brings sharp rise – Margin checks – Newsbomb – News
Olive oil prices: Production cut brings sharp rise – Margin checks – Newsbomb – News

Prices – “fire” are located at olive oil, which are expected to increase even more in the next period. Costs in Spain will remain at record levels until at least June after drought hit the southern part of the country for the second consecutive year, according to the Deoleothe largest producer of olive oil in the world.

THE production in the 2023-2024 growing season is expected to be about 1/3 below the four-year average, according to official data, reducing supply and driving prices to… highs.

THE Hellas it is the third largest olive producing country in the world, after Italy and Spain. In Greek territory, more than 132 million olive trees, from which in “normal” years, approximately 300,000 tons of olive oil are produced annually, of which 82% belongs to the “extra virgin” category. About half of the annual Greek olive oil production is exported to its countries The European Union.

Continuous audits of seven multinational corporations for profit margin

“One company concerns the sale of olive oil and when we see violations of the ceiling, we will not hesitate to impose fines”, the Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekas, announced today (01/11), speaking to ANT1.

The olive producers are afraid, with… security and patrols they protect their property

By fear live the olive producers, who try to protect their property, in any way. “In our factory we have cameras, it is fenced, we have an alarm, we have arranged for the evening hours when we are away to have a security guard to guard the fruit”, stressed the olive producer, Dimitris Raptis, speaking to MEGA.

In another case, olive producers who did not have time to receive the appropriate measures, they saw a sad sight when they arrived at their estate. The fruits of the olive trees had disappeared.

“I found, me big surprise, that in one estate I found twenty olive trees with ridges. Then I lost it, because it was something unprecedented. This thing seems to have become a way of life for some”, described an olive grower from Filiatra.

They “wrangled” him with two cans of oil, which he had stolen from a neighboring house

In Messinia, a man was arrested holding two tins oilwhen on patrol police officers he was stopped and could not justify how they came into his possession.

During a patrol carried out by two policemen of the Messina Police Department, they spotted a man removing a tin of oil from a house in the city of Messinia.

After their investigation, it turned out that he had removed another one tin of oilwhich he had hidden in an adjacent area, while, after a complaint submitted to the department by the owner of the house, it was proven that he had also stolen a mobile phone.

All objects where they stolewere also found were delivered to ownerwhereas, the perpetrator is expected to be brought before the judicial authorities in the next few days, so that he can be charged.

The “hats” that cause the cost to “surge” and the comparison with last year

After him olive producerthe oil passes to oil millwho makes it available to merchant and the standardizer after the necessary checks. From there, it is placed on shelves of Super Market.

Just within a year, the price of tin has increased from 100% – 130%. From 85 euros last year and 120 euros last April, today it costs 170 euros.

Distribution of olive oil with the… dropper in supermarkets: Three to four bottles strictly

The high cost of olive oil he also brought the first ones deficiencies on Greek shelves. As a result, a large supermarket chain in Greece announced through an announcement that it is setting ceiling in the sale of olive oil from its stores.

Specifically, the supermarket chain pointed out to customers that they can get up to 3 pieces on all four and five liter olive oils and up to 4 pieces on all one and two liter olive oils.

Obviously that too consumers didn’t like it, who pointed out that everyone could buy what they wanted and in whatever quantity they wanted. The lack, however, is attributed to the fact that the consumers they ran to buy as much Bigger amounts they could before the price “jumped” even more.

In the midst of it all, they have begun to be recorded and fraud phenomena. The authorities committed a quantity 500 liters of adulterated oilwith the minimarket owner claiming to have found himself… involved, speaking to MEGAas he decided to be paid with olive oil by a partner, who had no money to pay off his debt.

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