Tempe: This is what’s left of the train crash today, 8 months later – Parents and injured erupt (vid)

Tempe: This is what’s left of the train crash today, 8 months later – Parents and injured erupt (vid)
Tempe: This is what’s left of the train crash today, 8 months later – Parents and injured erupt (vid)

The wreckage remains in a special area at the Koulouri site, visited by injured and victims’ parents – “All the evidence has been moved to a field that looks like a garbage dump”, says an accident victim

It has been 8 months since the train accident in Tempe and investigations are continuing. The wreckage remains in a special area, which was visited by the injured and victims’ parents…

They fear the truth about the Tempe train wreck will be obscured. That the indifference of some will not “erase” a number of elements of the national tragedy. They are injured and relatives of victims who visited for the first time the area where the wreckage of the two trains is. With the nightmarish memories coming back to life and their words bringing back to the fore the nightmare they lived.

At the Koulouri location, near the OSE depot, an informal operational center was “set up” a few twenty-four hours after the train accident in Tempi – a gathering place for the broken wagons. Injured and relatives after 8 months were last week for the first time at the scene.

Young people, among them Evdokia Tsagli, saw for the first time the debris from the death wagons, abandoned in a field, which gave way to an “alleged storage area”. Reasonably, however, one wonders how it is possible for biological material elements – recently repeated sampling was carried out at this particular point – to be exposed in this way, in a place without shelter, which was even hit by extreme weather conditions.

“It was a terrifying revival for me to find myself again in the burning trains and this time screaming mothers of the victims. I was literally sick from the pain and rage. I threw up three times when I woke up. However, the situation in general in the area is heartbreaking:

They have transferred all the elements to a field that looks like a garbage dump, without shelter, at the mercy of wild animals, insects (there were many flies) and weather conditions (next to it is still flooded)”, Evdokia Tsagli told thesstoday.gr, one of the victims of the tragedy.

To add: “We even found new garbage inside the wagons.” According to Ms. Tsaglis, the state funded 650,000 euros from the pocket of Greek taxpayers to immediately create and guard the specific place, also complaining that the investigator who has taken over the case does not even know where it is on the map.

“We paid them, just for their transportation, in just a few 24 hours! They didn’t respect anything! The investigator has not gone to see them yet, which is illegal as according to articles 239, 251 of the criminal procedure code he must both visit and also adequately preserve the evidence! As if these were not enough, they were sent to the OSE area when those responsible are accused.

Why did all this happen? Is it so that we will never know what caused the explosion and the fire that killed half the victims?’ he wondered.

Important research developments

While the relatives of the victims are anxious, waiting and expressing their concerns about the judicial investigation of the biggest railway tragedy in the country, the personal belongings of the children, friends, partners, families, remain in Koulouri.

Evidence of a “crime”, as the Tempe accident has now been imprinted on the conscience of Greek society.

Following a relevant prosecutorial order issued at the initiative of the Special Appellate Investigator handling the case with the national tragedy in Tempe, it is expected within the next few days that an important investigation regarding the train accident will be conducted.

Special crews with appropriate technical equipment and with the help of trained cadaver dogs will be at the debris storage area in the Koulouri area of ​​Larissa, in order to thoroughly investigate and provide definitive answers to the question of the possible existence of human remains that are not were detected during the initial clearance of the area.

According to information from newsit.gr, the investigation will have two parts: specific parts of the “crumpled” wagons that have been marked as likely to yield findings will be investigated, through access that will be given with the help of heavy rescue equipment, but an investigation will also be carried out in the wider area with the help of trained dogs.

These will investigate the large quantities of soil mixed with scattered components from the wires, just as they were transported from the crash site and deposited at the site.

It is recalled that at the beginning of the summer and in another examination of the wreckage with a different object, a piece of bone and a piece of tissue was accidentally identified and handed over to the Forensic Service of Larisa and identified with one of the victims, which proves the need for a new and absolutely thorough check on the debris storage area.

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