ELAS: Today the ban on gatherings – Neo-Nazis from Europe in Athens

ELAS: Today the ban on gatherings – Neo-Nazis from Europe in Athens
ELAS: Today the ban on gatherings – Neo-Nazis from Europe in Athens

The official one prohibition of all gatherings which are scheduled for today, Wednesday November 1st in Attica and the decision to remain closed its stations ISAP and his Suburbanin view of her anniversary of the murder of two members of Chrysis Dawn10 years ago, she decided Greek police.

In particular, according to what has become known, the Golden Dawn has planned a large gathering with the participation extreme right and neo-Nazi organizations from all over Europe, on the occasion of the murder of two members of the organization outside its offices in Neo Heraklion, 10 years ago. As a “response” groups and collectives from the anti-authoritarian space have announced that they are planning “anti-concentrations».

Therefore, in front of risk of causing extended episodesthe Greek Police decided to take drastic measures, announcing the ban on gatherings throughout Attica.

Specifically, its announcement THE GREEK POLICE states the following:

It is announced that by Decision of the General Police Director of Attica, any public outdoor gathering is prohibited on the occasion of the completion of 10 years since the fatal wounding of two members of Golden Dawn, from 06:00:00 on 1-11-2023 to 06:00 on 2-11-2023in the Prefecture of Attica (excluding the Argosaronic islands).

The above prohibition is imposed as poses a serious risk to public safetydue to the possible commission of serious crimes, especially against life, bodily integrity and property, from the holding of assemblies and “counter-assemblies” by groups of opposing positions.

In addition, there is a serious threat of disruption of socio-economic life, both in the areas where gatherings have been announced, and in the other areas of the Prefecture of Attica, where similar gatherings are likely to take place, as well as the simultaneous presence in a climate of polarization of concentrated groups».

“Block” of ELAS to 21 Italians in “El. Venizelos”

In fact, ELAS, after information that members of far-right organizations arrive in Greece from abroadresponding to the call of today’s gatherings, proceeded to arrest of 21 Italians at the airport “Eleftherios Venizelos» on Tuesday night.

The 21 Italians were taken to the Directorate of Aliens, where they are detained, in order to initiate the procedure against them administrative deportation for reasons of national security.

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