Mourning for a 22-year-old who died suddenly from repeated seizures: What is the rare disease “Naxos”

Mourning for a 22-year-old who died suddenly from repeated seizures: What is the rare disease “Naxos”
Mourning for a 22-year-old who died suddenly from repeated seizures: What is the rare disease “Naxos”

A 22-year-old man from Naxos died suddenly of repeated heart attacks

A young man from Naxosonly 22 years old, died completely suddenly and unexpectedly from responders heart attacks with no known history of heart disease, with doctors, however, investigating the possibility that he suffered from the rare “Naxos disease”.

According to the mother of the unfortunate 22-year-old, her son never had any health problems. Intense cough and tithes, these were the only symptoms young Naxiotis showed, three days before his heart betrayed him.

“He had no other symptoms. He had a little boy. He tithed something. We went to the doctor. The cardiologist immediately told him to go to the health center to put intravenous drugs,” said his mother, speaking on the “LIVE NEWS” program of the MWFA television station

Arriving at the Health Center, the young man suffered repeated seizures. A helicopter was immediately raised to transport the emergency to Athens.

“It was stalling, they were trying to bring it back and stabilize it to put it in the helicopter. They put him in the helicopter at 9 o’clock, as soon as he went to the hospital he got sick again. I think they took him to Nice. Again he had these heart attacks and he never came back,” said his uncle.

They are looking for the “Naxos” disease

The uncle of the dead young man makes an incredible revelation, that is doctors are considering the possibility that the 22-year-old Panagiotis suffered from the “Naxos” diseasea rare inherited disease that kills young people before the age of 30.

“The family has two more little girls and had another child, again a boy. lost. He was 5 years old when he disappeared. In terms of information, they said maybe he has the Naxos disease in his heart, do they have some issues here in Naxos with heart diseases”.

“Certainly the family must be searched”, said the pediatrician and researcher, Madalena Tsatsopoulou.

What is “Naxos” disease

It was 1985 when cardiologist Nikos Protonotarios and Maddalena Tsatsopoulou’s wife observed unexplained sudden deaths in young in the mountainous villages of Naxos, where most residents are related to each other.

Until then no one could find the cause of the disease that killed boys and girls before they turned 30. “The first cases were detected in Naxos. It was impressive, because the patients had rough skin on their palms and soles and their hair was very curly,” said Madalena Tsatsopoulou.

The hereditary cardiomyopathy that is endemic in the Mediterranean region affects 1 in 5,000 people worldwide, but in Naxos 8 in 100! It was also the reason why the Ministry of Health had requested in 2019 that the 5,000 inhabitants of the island in Onasio be examined preventively.

“Another family here in our village, they had 3 children, two boys and a girl, they also disappeared, up to 30 years old. They had 7 children, 8 were, three died”, said the 22-year-old’s uncle.

Thick curly hair and skin lesions. These are the characteristics of patients with “Naxos” disease. The disease is inherited from the parents. Although both are carriers of the mutated gene, each pregnancy has a 25% chance that their child will be born with the disease.

Gene mutations corresponding to that of Naxos have been identified in Fournos of Ikaria, Kalymnos and Samothrace.


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