Where to go today, November 1st


Our suggestions for theatre, concerts, exhibitions, events that you can enjoy in the city today, Wednesday 1 November 2023

  • Left-handed, by Nefelis Maistralis for the 3rd year at the Bellos Theatre

The 4frontal Team presents them again “Left-handed” by Nefelis Maistralis at the Bellos Theater, directed by Thanasis Zeritis. The project draws its inspiration from the “Children’s Towns”, the controversial institutions founded by Queen Frederica during the Civil War, as well as from historical events of that period that shaped modern Greek political reality.

They play: Eleni Vlachou, Tasos Dimitropoulos, Haris Kremmidas, Nefeli Maistrali et al.
Representations: From 1 November 2023. Wednesday at 20.00, Saturday at 18.00, Sunday at 21.00

Tickets: General Admission €14, Reduced (students, disabled, over 65) €10, pre-sale offer €10. Presale: more.com

Bellos Kekropos Theater 1, Plaka – Acropolis, tel: 6948230899

  • Venebra: A work for voice, viola and guitar directed by Kostis Kalliveretakis at PLYFA

The actress Kleopatra Markou, the violinist Michalis Katachanas and the guitarist Vasilis Tsavaras collaborate with Kostis Kallibretakis by approaching the myths of women who used their voices and songs to sow (or predict?) death, through the performance “Venebra”, a work for voice, viola and guitar, presented, November 1-16, 2023, at PLYFA. Venebra is a woman who spreads with her voice paradoxical melodies and purposes that are sweet, but at the same time deadly. Born in the midst of a war, she managed to survive it, but scarred by the breath of death, whose shadow remained her only real companion and family. A woman doomed to find no real peace among the living, being a discordant but charming dissonance to their existence.

Representations: November 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16 at 9:00 p.m
Tickets: Regular 15 euros, reduced 10 euros (students-retired), reduced 5 euros (unemployed-artists). Presale: more.com
PL.YFA Industrial Park, Kortsas 39, Votanikos

  • The Accidental Death of an Anarchist, directed by Yiannis Kakleas for the 3rd season at the Gloria Theater


“The Accidental Death of an Anarchist” returns to the Gloria theater, directed by Yiannis Kakleas. Farce, slapstick and puns steeped in the present expose the incompetence and corruption and loopholes of justice. Panos Vlachos, Giorgos Tsavaras, Ifigenia Asteriadis, Yiannis Giannoulis, Panagiotis Katsolis and Stelios Petsos introduce us to the caustic and denouncing universe of Dario Fo with live music, songs and above all with humor, parodying our own today in a unique way.

Representations: From 1 November 2023. Wednesday 20.00, Thursday 21.00, Friday 21.00, Saturday 18.00 and 21.00, Sunday 20.00
Tickets: €20 regular, €17 student, disabled, unemployed, over 65. Presale: more.com
Gloria Theatre, Hippocratous 7, Athens. Tel. reservations? 210 3600832

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