Alexandros Koboyorgas: Great sadness for his death

Alexandros Koboyorgas: Great sadness for his death
Alexandros Koboyorgas: Great sadness for his death

Sadness in the artistic world from the sudden death of Alexandros Koboyorgas, the actor we all knew through the series “Lover of the Western Suburbs”

Great sadness at the death of the actor

The post about his death

The news was made known by the actress Kalliopi Evaggelidou with a post she made on Facebook:

“It’s strange what you did, Alexander. To leave so discreetly, not to allow us even a goodbye. The truth is that this attitude is very much in your character. I know that all your classmates at the drama school of the Athens Conservatory are devastated and you will justify these posts to us. What happened was unfair. No matter how you look at it. Very unfair”

Alexandros Koboyorgas was also a costume designer, set designer, director.

In the series “Lover of Western Suburbs” the actor played the “brother” of Marilita Lampropoulou.

What he stated in his interview

In an interview in the past he was asked why most people choose acting and he said:

“Out of ignorance of danger, probably! Many people choose it and at the same time many people abandon it. At the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory, where I studied, we were told that only those who don’t want to do anything else should become actors, and that if someone has another alternative, they should choose that and not the acting profession. When they told us, I kept it without realizing it.

Later – and not much later – I understood. The theater invites you to serve the theater itself and not to use it for your personal promotion. I experienced many incidents over the years, but the one that comes to my mind is when I was playing at the National Theater in the show “Love and the Three Oranges”, directed by Carmen Ruggeri. At the official premiere, having just finished school, I was very nervous.

The role was big and I wanted to be good. So at some point in the middle of fencing I fell off the stage, as a result of which my head split open and blood flowed. Of course I jumped back on stage and continued the show, as if nothing had happened.”

The article is in Greek

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