Conti correnti, pignoramenti da 700 milioni

Conti correnti, pignoramenti da 700 milioni
Conti correnti, pignoramenti da 700 milioni

With the new “mirato” pledge mode of current accounts through the facilitated dialogue between debt collectors and credit institutions, they estimate a regime of around 700 million euros more per year in the treasury. The parity of recovery actions will be higher and the collection will be reduced and the non-profit activity will be reduced towards those who are deprived of patrimonial consistency. ‘anno, importo che estima dovrebbe più che raddoppiare thanks to the new (and future) applicative cooperation modality for the pledges between the income collection agency and the credit institutions bringing the annual income to 1.25 billion euros. These are the information contained in the technical report attached to the 2024 budget law, the text of which was approved by the state government after the signature of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

I nuovi pignoramenti.

It is appropriate to remember that in article 23 paragraph 13 of the budget law 2024 the legislator has in fact changed the procedure necessary to carry out the pledges of the current accounts of the debtors by providing a new mode of application cooperation between the income collection agency and the credit institutions al ende di consentire al riscossore di acquisire le informazione ed i dati funcionali prima di procedere alle azioni di recupero rendido l’activitita più punctuale e mirata.

As it is also read in the illustrative report attached to the budget law, the new modality will guarantee the parity of the number of recovery actions (with particular regard to the mobile executive action and specifically that of third parties) a greater number of successful operations and allo stesso tempo la reductiono dei casi in cui il debtore viene unutilmente raggiungo da procedure prive sin dall’origine di aspetativa di riscossione.

It was highlighted that instead the previous structure of the provision was completely different since it granted the debt collector, prior to proceeding with a pledge, to access, via a direct telematic connection, all the information relative to all the availability giacenti sui predetti current accounts of the debtor without therefore interpellare the institutions of credit. it is evident that in the previous formulation of the norm the main problem was not so much related to the procedure as to the privacy of the taxpayers since the debt collector had the virtually indiscriminate possibility to view in real time the assets of the debtors’ current accounts (or not?) opportunity ora filtrata dal nuovo meccanismo di cooperazione che non prevedi più autonomia ed automatismi ma requeste da effettato in maniera informatizzata ai terzi.

La mode mirata fa cassa.

For the quantification of the extra income, the value obtained in 2022 is considered to be the base value of the collection of 570 million euros. cooperation with one or more ministerial decrees, it is predicted to produce effects on the collection income only starting from 2025 with extra collection of about 350 million euros to then attest to an annual increase of about 700 million euros (starting in 2026).

In the report, in a prudent manner, it has been chosen to reduce the indicated reduction by 30% (non essendo ora note the applicative solutions to make the cooperation effective) with the estimated increase “on balance” of 243 million euros in 2025 and 486 million euros in 2026.

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