The parallel course between SYRIZA and PASOK and the crucial meeting between Androulakis and Kasselakis

The parallel course between SYRIZA and PASOK and the crucial meeting between Androulakis and Kasselakis
The parallel course between SYRIZA and PASOK and the crucial meeting between Androulakis and Kasselakis

In theory, SYRIZA and PASOK seem to be moving in parallel: one day apart, Stefanos Kasselakis and Nikos Androulakis had meetings with the relatives of the victims in Tempi, on the same day they “raised” (each in their own way) the case of wiretapping after the new revelations, the developments in the Anti-Corruption Commission and the accusations of Christos Rammos in the European Parliament, while on Friday (or at the beginning of next week, depending on the planning) the two leaders will meet for the first time institutionally.

In reality, however, nothing has changed in the relations between the two sides: PASOK still insists on the line of the autonomous course, a strategy that is reinforced by the steady (albeit slow) increase in its percentages in the opinion polls, at a time when SYRIZA does not only he has not clarified exactly what his own attitude will be towards the Center-Left in view of the European elections, but his leadership has more important issues in mind.

The formation of a common opposition front is impossible

Could the opposition decrees or cases like that of wiretapping bring them closer to the logic of forming an opposition front against the ND? The answer of those who know people and things is that such a thing cannot happen, at least at the present stage.

Not only because of the different targeting of the two parties, but also because of the non-existent relations between one and the other leadership group – it should be remembered that the executive pillars on which Stefanos Kasselakis has chosen to base himself (like Pavlos Polakis) are the ones considered “red lines” that express a different mentality from that of Harilaou Trkoupis.

Koumoundourou’s stance on the surveillance case is unclear

And at the political level, the problem exists. Even in the matter of monitoring, in Harilaou Trikoupi they can see a perennially unclear attitude of Koumoundourou. They remind that in the run-up to the elections even Alexis Tsipras had adopted the rhetoric about “Androulakis being blackmailed”, even though in theory he condemned the practice of wiretapping.

The spikes continue both through media friends close to SYRIZA, and after the change of leadership, as well as from the officers of the official opposition themselves – indicatively, Dora Avgeri left hints on Tuesday about the way Androulakis handles his monitoring, i.e. the claims that are not nominal.

SYRIZA and PASOK “raise” the issue of surveillance and Tempes

On Friday, the meeting of Nikos Androulakis and Stefanos Kasselakis

PASOK throws down the gauntlet to SYRIZA for Tempi

At the same time, in the case of Tempe, PASOK is essentially throwing down the gauntlet to SYRIZA for the request for the establishment of a preliminary investigation committee which is expected to be filed in a few days – “in addition to communication, let’s find out SYRIZA’s positions on the substance”, they commented characteristically executives.

In any case, in PASOK they are not negative about convergences at the parliamentary level, which they believe will also show the real mood of SYRIZA – suspicion, in any case, must be considered a given from PASOK’s point of view.

About the meeting between Kasselakis and Androulakis

As for the meeting between the two leaders, it was decided after an official request by the president of SYRIZA to the office of the president of PASOK – a process that, PASOK notes, was not at all reminiscent of the “on foot” invitation of Kyriakos Mitsotakis who never received the institutional street Despite the formal contact, however, the ice continues not to melt.

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