Who is celebrating November 1 today?

Who is celebrating November 1 today?
Who is celebrating November 1 today?

Today is Wednesday November 1st and according to the calendar, those who bear the name: Kosmas, Damianos, Damiani, Anargyros, Anargyri, Anargyroula, David, David, Dionysos are celebrating.

Saints Cosmas and Damianos the Anargyri and miracle workers

Saints Cosmas and Damian came from Asia. Their parents were excellent examples of Christian husbands.

When their mother Theodotis (see January 2) became a widow, she devoted all her efforts to the Christian upbringing of her two children, Kosmas and Damianos. The two brothers were distinguished by great intelligence and diligence, which is why they studied many sciences. In particular, however, they devoted themselves to medical science, which they practiced as a ministry of charity to their neighbors. They cured people’s diseases, and especially the poor, without taking money, which is why they were called Anargyri. Many cured patients wanted to thank them. But they did not accept thanks and answered with the correct word of the Holy Bible: “Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might be to our God forever and ever” (Revelation of John , g’ 12). That is, all praise and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might belong to our God forever and ever.

So humbly, after ministering to their neighbors throughout their lives, they died peacefully and were buried at the site of Ferema.

Saint David who was an ascetic in Evia

Saint David came from the village of Gardinitza, which was located near Talantio, a seaside place opposite Evia. He lived when Jeremiah was the Patriarch of Constantinople, around 1519 AD. His father’s name was Christodoulos and he was a priest, and his mother Theodora. Saint David had another brother and two sisters. From an early age, the Blessed One showed an exquisite form and learned the Sacred Letters perfectly. At the age of 15, he submitted to a holy elder, Akakios, who trained him in the virtues of the monastic state, and since then, the holy David makes a terrible, according to his biographer, spiritual path, teaching practical virtue and performing various miracles. He foresaw his death and passed away peacefully and with great holiness on November 1st.

His biography was written by his disciple Christophoros the monk and his follow by the bishop of Talantiu Neophytos from Athens. Monastery of Saint David exists in Evia.

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