They wanted Alexoui dead, the executioner achieved his goal

They wanted Alexoui dead, the executioner achieved his goal
They wanted Alexoui dead, the executioner achieved his goal

The investigations into the murder of Alexis Mavromichalis are in full swing – The authorities are facing a new cycle of blood – They wanted him dead, they achieved their goal with one shot

With one spheremost likely from a sniper, Alexis Mavromichalis fell dead last night.

The news of the shooting at him signaled alarm in the ranks of the Police.

Mavromichalis, known as Alexoui, was in an apartment on the second floor of an apartment building where he last lived in the area of ​​Strovolos. The executioner hit him when he was at the balcony door. He seriously injured him. He was taken to Nicosia General Hospital where he succumbed a few hours later despite the efforts of doctors to keep him alive.

She was waiting for him to go out on the balcony

As mentioned in previous publications, the perpetrator appears to have been at a height, to hit Mavromichalis who was standing at the balcony door of an apartment on the second floor. According to the data under investigation, it appears that the perpetrator either climbed a hill or another tall building, opposite the apartment building. However, this has not yet been clarified beyond doubt and is the subject of investigation.

Members of the Police combed the area for hours to locate evidence.

See Pictures from the scene

Around the same time, a stolen vehicle was set ablaze in the area of ​​Kotsiatis. Investigators have two scenarios before them. Either the perpetrator used it to escape, or his accomplices set it on fire as a distraction.

The first alarm which marked the early Monday morning with his murder Thanasis Kalogeropoulos in Limassol, he didn’t shut up. The blow to Alexis Mavromichalis came less than 48 hours later.

The Police continues to investigate the case of his murder Kalogeropoulos, who was shot dead by hooded gunmen in broad daylight, in a central part of Limassol at a time when there is a lot of traffic on Amathus Avenue. This element, that is to say that the perpetrators ignored the citizens who were at the scene as well as the number of wounds on the lifeless body of Kalogeropoulos, demonstrate that they wanted him dead at all costs.

The Police, with this data, are investigating the two cases and the common denominators behind the two murders.

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