Sweden: A Greek at the center of investigations into gang violence – Military forces mobilized!

Sweden: A Greek at the center of investigations into gang violence – Military forces mobilized!
Sweden: A Greek at the center of investigations into gang violence – Military forces mobilized!

Who is Mikael Tenezos who has all the forces of the security forces in Sweden at his feet?

He was a member in a deadly battle with the rival mafia of the Kurdish Majit who claims the smuggling squares.

A Greek man is at the center of Sweden’s gang war, which has grown to such proportions that the government is considering scenarios for deploying army forces to curb the phenomenon.

In September alone, in addition to the bloody incidents, we had 12 deaths, many of them unrelated to the gangs.

Swedish media reports the internationally wanted Rava Majid as the head of the Foxtrot criminal gang, which is linked to the country’s spate of violence.

Rava Majid

Foxtrot’s “battles” with other immigrant gangs for dominance in the drug trade, but also conflicts between gang members are responsible for the unprecedented wave of violence.

Another person related to this war is a Greek, Mikael Alstrom Tenezos or “Greken”, “the Greek”, as he is called.

He is 25 years old and a former hockey player, but also a sworn enemy of the 36-year-old Majid.

Last February, Swedish newspaper Expressen linked Tenezos to “a series of explosions and shootings” that rocked Stockholm in early 2023. Tenezos’ feud with Majid is believed to be behind many of these attacks. Both wanted to control the drug trade in the central Swedish city of Sundsvall.

Tenezos was presented by the newspaper as the leading figure of the Dalen criminal network, which has its roots in the eponymous district of southern Stockholm. The same network starred the brothers Mario Golzar Mia and Viktor Mia, originally from Bulgaria, but also a certain Ildar Galiev, known by the nickname “Scar”.

Michael Tenezos

From hockey hope to illegality

Tenezos has previous convictions for serious gun and drug offenses and has been involved in confrontations that police have linked to fatal shootings in recent years. He is now believed to be outside of Sweden.

And yet, a few years ago, they spoke highly of the “absolutely top player” who had speed and technique in the sport the Swedes love.

Tenezos’ life took a different course in high school, with delinquent groups. Due to poor grades in his studies, he did not manage to go to a special school for talented children in hockey, and so he was forced to move to the town of Cramfors, where he went underground.

Tenezos has come to control drug markets in central Sweden, which Majid’s gang now wants to take over, resulting in a war.

Police estimate that nearly 30,000 people in Sweden are directly involved in or have connections to gang crime. Violence has also spread from large urban areas to smaller towns where violent crime was once rare.

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