Who is Stefanos Kasselakis, his early life, parents and career in America


Stefanos Kasselakis announced his candidacy for the presidency of SYRIZA-PS in a short video he uploaded on social media.

The 35-year-old businessman was a candidate for SYRIZA State Parliament as a Greek abroad and is a personal choice of Alexis Tsipras.

This is the only executive of SYRIZA, apart from the 4 candidates for the presidency of the party, who runs on tours throughout Greece.

Who is Stefanos Kasselakis?

Stefanos Kasselakis was born in Maroussi and grew up in Ekali.

There, as he mentions in his nomination video, he experienced another life.

At the age of 14, in 2002, he leaves for America after winning a major math competition and with a scholarship he studies at a high school in Massachusetts.

Then followed studies at the University of Pennsylvania. At the same time, he is working on Joe Biden’s election campaign.

In 2009, he found a job at Goldman Sachs, after which he left there and through a network of acquaintances he has created, he deals with start-up businesses.

In 2015 Stefanos Kasselakis founds an investment fund, which contains two ship management companies, five ships were dry cargo and two were tankers. 2018 is selling everything, but the investment capital still exists.


Stefanos Kasselakis’ family went through many financial ups and downs, with his mom being a dentist and his father a businessman.

His father, Thodoros Kasselakis, was involved in legal proceedings as the President and CEO of CASCO ABEE, a company engaged in the production and marketing of marine paints and coatings.

His mother, a dentist by profession, has had a career as a teacher in the United States.

Today his mother is an assistant professor of clinical restorative dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry.

He specifically mentions in the video with which he announced his candidacy this morning that:

“My mother, a dentist, worked day and night to support my father while he started his company. Eventually this company grew and I found myself growing up in Ekali.

Except that this prosperity was ultimately superficial, just like Greece’s. The judicial circuit beat my parents and took everything they had and didn’t have.”

Personal life

“I don’t have a gay agenda. I have a human agenda. With sentences that you read a few days ago, that others are afraid to say.”

Through the video, Stefanos Kasselakis also introduced his life partner, with whom he has been living for the last 4 years.

“I met Tyler when I was 31. A nurse in the ICU, he stayed awake next to the patients, while he did his doctorate in broad daylight. And as I had seen from my parents through thick and thin, when you find someone better than you, you do everything you can to keep him, no matter what others say.”

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