On e-katanalotis the energy prices for June

On e-katanalotis the energy prices for June
On e-katanalotis the energy prices for June

The tariffs that electricity providers will offer to consumers for June show a decrease of around 7%.

Energy prices for June were posted on the e-katanalotis website and Adonis Georgiadis, former Minister of Development, urged consumers, through his post, “to choose the most advantageous tariff for their consumption”.

The electricity charges for June are as follows:

PPC announced the new charges which are 15.5 cents per kilowatt hour for consumption up to 500 kilowatt hours (versus 15.9 cents in May) and 16.7 cents for consumption over 500 kilowatt hours (from 17.1 cents in April). For the night current the charge will be 11.4 minutes, up from 11.8 in April.

Protergia Home Value: 0.1265 euros per kilowatt hour (from 0.1396)

Heron PROTECT 4 Home: 16.9 minutes per kilowatt hour (from 18.7)

Elpedison Economy: 11.4 cents per kilowatt hour (from 12.5)

NRG on time: 12.2 minutes per kilowatt hour (out of 14)

Watt&Volt Value: 12.65 cents per kilowatt hour (from 13.96)

Natural Gas Hellenic Energy Company MAXI Free: 12.3 cents per kilowatt hour (from 13.9)

Volterra: 11.98 cents per kilowatt hour (from 18.8)

Zenith Home Now: 13.9 cents per kilowatt hour (up from 11.5)

Volton Home: 15.6 minutes per kilowatt hour (from 16.63)

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