The trial begins for the murder of the family of four by their landlord


It was March 2022 when a 61-year-old man killed a family of four in Andravida, and shocked the whole of Greece.

On June 9, the trial begins at the Mixed Jury Court of Patras and already “memories” of this savage killer have been awakened when the 61-year-old homemaker shot and killed the father and mother, while he drowned both of the family’s young children!

According to exclusive information of the “Patris”, with its will, the Council of Misdemeanors of Patras orders the referral of the 61-year-old to trial before the MoD on the charge of serial murder, illegal carrying and continuous use of weapons and illegal possession of weapons and ammunition, accepting the prosecutor’s proposal requested that the defendant be tried for the heinous criminal act against 32-year-old Armando Clotsi and his 37-year-old wife Maria, as well as their two minor children, only 1.5 and 2.5 years old.

As shown by the conclusion of the autopsy carried out at the Forensic Service of Patras by the head of the service, Angeliki Tsiola, the 61-year-old shot the parents and caused the two children to die of suffocation, exterminating an entire family. The mother received one bullet in the head and the father two, which came from a 9mm Zastava pistol, which the accused then hid in the boiler room of an apartment building in Patras.

The chronicle of brutal crime

It was after nine on Friday night when the authorities were alerted to a hooded man who allegedly entered the 60-year-old’s home.

One was immediately set up gigantic enterprise from policewhose forces surrounded the house, with the armed police waiting for any new movement, taking special care to avoid any unfortunate moment that would create unpleasant situations according to

At the same time the police had set up side business and in neighboring Achaia with a blockade. Shortly after midnight the men of EL.AS. they spotted the blue van with a 60-year-old driver moving on the Perimetriki Odos of Patras at the height of the Pamploponnisiakou Stadium. The alleged assailant ran into one of the roadblocks and was eventually arrested without putting up any resistance. The police officers of Patras in collaboration with their colleagues from Ilia, immediately he was brought to the Achaia Police Department where in the early hours of the morning his questioning about the causethe incentives and them conditions under which he committed this heinous act.

From Patras to Ilia

This morning he is expected to be taken to the Police Directorate of Ilia and from there to the judicial officials.

With regard to the operation that had taken place earlier in Andravida, an “alarm” was sent to the Ilio police officers when their colleagues patrolling the area received a notification of suspicious activity at the 60-year-old’s house. According to other information, he allegedly went to his house to get something he wanted and from there the business started.

They reportedly had financial differences

The couple with the 60-year-old man who inherited the house from their parents, recently had many differences which regularly ended in arguments and fights. The heavy vehicle driver by profession on Thursday afternoon went to Agios Konstantinou street in Andravida where the family lived. Apparently he was determined for everything, as he also carried a pistol. Which he took out and killed the 32-year-old and his 37-year-old wife, while immediately after he turned on the two children aged 2.5 and 1.5 years who, as everything shows, he did not hesitate to drown them.

The third son of the family, who at that time was absent from the house, escaped from his hands and when he returned, he witnessed one of the most gruesome and chilling crimes in Greek police annals.

According to what the information says, the 60-year-old owner of the house had economic differences with the couple, as it seems to his they owed some rent. The economic difficulties faced by the family in recent months seem to have led to postponement of some obligations her. Among them were the rent payments, which brought them into sharp confrontation with their landlord. Yes, as retaliation the 60-year-old periodically proceeded to cut off the electricity and water supply of the house, while he never proceeded to correct any material damage.

In addition to Thursday afternoon, the owner of the house also went to the house at the beginning of the week where he had an argument with his 32-year-old tenant. The 12-year-old son of the family who escaped the rampage of the murderer of their mother, his stepfather and his two younger brothers was even mentioned in this incident. The unfortunate couple who were much loved and had not given the slightest right to the area, do not seem to have attached any importance to their owner’s threats. They thought the event was over.


But they had calculated without the moods of the owner, who returned two days later determined for all. As if he had prepared what was to come, he took out his pistol and shot the 32-year-old and his 37-year-old wife. When he saw them cool off, he proceeded to an act that even the sicker mind could not implement. As incredible and creepy as it may seem, he drowned the two brothers aged 2.5 and 1.5 years.

CCTV cameras they recorded a vehicle belonging to the perpetrator arriving outside the family’s home and leaving at the disputed hours when the quadruple murder appears to have been committed. These images, in addition to the statements of various witnesses, were the most basic elements to lead the police to the tracks of the perpetrator, who on the afternoon of March 2 committed one of the most heinous crimes that have occurred in Greek territory.

The 60-year-old has two children from the same number of marriages he has had, is characterized by the residents of the area as a violent man who often quarreled. In fact, his second wife had left home not being able to stand the character of the man with whom she had given birth to a child.

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