Trapped: I love you like crazy but I can’t stay


Trapped: The developments in the next episodes of the series will be shocking since he tells her “I love you like crazy but I can’t stay, your anger breaks my heart”.

Dimitris is the only one who is not to blame…..why is he pulling this???

Anna returns home nervous and ends up having a nasty fight with Dimitris. “You say you don’t blame me, but you keep blaming me. The anger in your eyes hurts me”he tells her. “You are guilty too. And you and your father and your brother are all guilty”, she shouts at him angrily. Disappointed, Dimitris leaves the keys and leaves. When Anna realizes this, she runs to stop him.

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“You are angry with me. You can’t separate me from my family”. “Whenever you leave me alone”. I love you like crazy, but I can’t stay. The anger in your eyes breaks my heart.” “You’ve already made your decision.” Let it be as you wish. Let’s get a divorce.” In the meantime, Akis continues to insist to Alekos that Theodoris was the one who shot Kosmas three times. Of course he doesn’t believe it.

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Dimitris decides to visit his brother in prison. He reveals to him that while two bullets were found in Kosmas’ body, traces of three were found at the scene of the crime. One fell on the wall opposite the place where she was murdered. Theodoris insists that the gun only went off once. He also asks him to give him any information he knows about Akis.

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Trapped: I Love You Like Crazy But I Can't Stay – Your Anger Breaks My Heart

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He reveals to him that he had a fake social media profile. At the same time, Stavros and Andreas see the footage from the cameras and discover that Akis was following the bus with Kosmas and Theodoris in his car on the day of the murder.

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Trapped: I Love You Like Crazy But I Can't Stay – Your Anger Breaks My Heart

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Anna learns that Dimitris visited his brother in prison. “So fast”, she asks him. “I’m just looking for the truth. Only the truth will heal us”he answers her.

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