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We used to say that Sex and the City it was finally a series that finally captured the female perspective. The Dead Ringers, television adaptation of the thriller starring Jeremy Irons and signed David Cronenberg, comes to set things right. Because this is indeed a series that speaks to the female experience. And yes it’s raw, it’s sometimes violent, it’s heartbreaking, just like women’s lives.

In the Dead Ringers the Rachel Weisz plays a dual role: two twin women, gynecologists who aspire to create their own women’s clinic each for different roles. THE Beverly it is the quieter, emotional, and sometimes insecure part of the equation that a clinic envisions in order to eliminate social inequalities and truly respond to women’s problems. She cries out, rightly so, how after so many centuries of women giving birth it is not possible that the standard of care is still this!

Her other half, h Eliot she is forceful, brash, ambitious, prone to abuse, and inconceivably allergic to meaningful human relationships, except of course her sister. Her own goal is to create miracles in the laboratory, to take IVF where no one has ever imagined, to change the course of reproductive history.

But at the same time we see women’s stories. And above all we also see footage from real births in quick editing. We see a metal forceps holding a baby in the air by the skull, how they tear open the abdomen to perform a C-section, the pain when tests are done and blood, blood, so much blood. Why; Because this is our life and perhaps for the first time I myself realized how big the protagonists are pain and blood in our life.

dead ringers, rachel weiss

And we have to get up the next day every time, after losses, after disappointments and broken hearts, with body aches and functioning and not only functioning, but having more responsibilities upon us, with less opportunities and less money. When all that belongs to women is a deep bow to their so complex nature, to resilience, to courage. Every viewer will realize this by watching the series.

dead ringers, rachel weiss

In the first episodes we will see a woman die because her abdominal pain after giving birth was not checked in time. A woman giving birth to her stillborn baby and holding it in her arms. A famous actress who learns that it is very difficult to have children, while she wants it so much.

So perhaps the thriller form is indeed the most appropriate to tell the female experience.

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