Tourist reveals what you can do in Mykonos if you don’t have money -TikTok disaster

Tourist reveals what you can do in Mykonos if you don’t have money -TikTok disaster
Tourist reveals what you can do in Mykonos if you don’t have money -TikTok disaster

Thousands of likes and hundreds of comments gathered a video of a young tourist on TikTok, in which she explains what you can do without money in Mykonos.

With the tourist season already in full swing, Mykonos, like every year, has its fair share of being one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting Greece, with its reputation literally spreading to every corner of the Earth. .

Apart from its typical Cycladic beauty, Mykonos is known for its wild nightlife, but also for its particularly expensive services to tourists and… all kinds of visitors.

Thus, Mykonos is suitable for those who have the ability, but also the will, to put… their hand deep in their pocket, since its prices prove to be prohibitive for the rest.

“At least the alley is beautiful,” writes the young tourist from Mykonos

In her video from the island of the winds, the young tourist seems to have come face to face with the aforementioned reality, and decided to share with her online friends what one can do in an afternoon in Mykonos, without spending money.

“You are in Mykonos, but everything is very expensive. This is an afternoon activity,” says the young lady in the caption of the video she “uploaded” to TikTok, in which she and a friend are recorded.

Apparently, what you can do in Mykonos without spending money is… absolute nothing, with the two girls being recorded sitting on the steps of houses in a picturesque alley of the island and… looking at each other.

“At least the alley is beautiful,” adds the young tourist in her post, which went viral within a few hours, with users of the popular networking medium commenting in various ways.

On the one hand, there are many who “sympathize” with the two girls, and urge them to leave for another Greek island, however there are also many who think that… they wanted it and got it, stressing that there are so many other beautiful islands that they could have visited, instead of Mykonos.

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