Murder of 12-year-old Louise: Her classmates stabbed her 32 times with a nail file

Murder of 12-year-old Louise: Her classmates stabbed her 32 times with a nail file
Murder of 12-year-old Louise: Her classmates stabbed her 32 times with a nail file

Crime shocks in Germany with the murder of 12-year-old Louise – Her classmates stabbed her 32 times with a nail file

They paid a moving tribute the parents of 12-year-old Louise Fries to their lost daughter, who was murdered by two teenage girlsin a crime that has shocked German public opinion.

Little Louise was found dead about a week ago in a wooded area of ​​Freudenberg, near Cologne. The little girl had disappeared after a date she made with one of the killers, allegedly to play. It was actually a pretense used by 13-year-old Luisa Halberstadt and 12-year-old Anna-Marie Hoffmann to lure the unfortunate girl into a death trap.

“There are no words to express the unimaginable. For us, the world has stopped. You can’t see sadness, you can’t hear it, you can only feel it” reads the obituary published by the 12-year-old’s family in the local newspaper. At the top, a photo of Louise with her birth and death dates is a reminder of how tragically and unfairly the little girl’s life was cut short.

According to local police sources who spoke to the Daily Mail, authorities now know more about the horrific crime and how the juvenile killers acted.

The girls stabbed their victim a total of 32 times with a sharp object that has yet to be identified, but police believe it was most likely a nail file. They then pushed her down a slope in the nearby woods, where they abandoned her. At some point during the attack, a plastic bag was placed over her head. That’s when one of the two killers told the other to “hit her with a stone, or she would end up lying next to her too.”

Police authorities fear that Louise may not have been dead when she was pushed downhill in the woods and may have died later from her injuries and the extremely cold temperatures, a horrifying thought given the prolonged pain she may have experienced.

“Even experienced police officers who have worked on many murder cases are shocked. Not only for the age of the victim but also that of the suspects.” a person involved in the investigations told MailOnline.

The two assailants are believed to have led Louise into the ‘death trap’ through a disused tunnel that leads from the village of Hohenheim – just two miles from Freudenberg – into the forest.

Because of their age, neither of the two girls, who have confessed to their actions, can be tried under German law. The authorities have removed the perpetrators and their families from the area for their safety.

For now, the motive behind the heinous killing – unprecedented in Germany due to the age of the perpetrators and the victim – remains unknown. However, there are reports of two possible scenarios: First, that there was a rivalry over a boy and, second, that Louise had spoken about the bullying she received from the teenage girls and they wanted to punish her for “pinning” them.

It is recalled that the perpetrators had also uploaded videos on TikTok that showed them dancing a few hours after their heinous act, another blood-curdling detail. All three girls attended the same school and had known each other for many years, with some even describing them as “friends”.

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