Horrific death for 12-year-old Louise in Germany: She was stabbed 32 times with a nail file

Horrific death for 12-year-old Louise in Germany: She was stabbed 32 times with a nail file
Horrific death for 12-year-old Louise in Germany: She was stabbed 32 times with a nail file

For a few days now, the case murder of 12-year-old Luise has shocked her Germanyas the crude violence of the crime has horrified the general public after he was stabbed to death by two of her classmates. The parents of murdered schoolgirl Luise Frisch have paid a heartfelt tribute to their daughter, their “star”, as they said.

12-year-old Luise is found dead after she disappeared after a play date with one of her killers, Luisa Halberstadt, 13 years oldand Anna-Marie Hoffman, 12 years old. The 12-year-old’s body was found in Freudenberg, near Cologne, last weekend.

The murdered girl’s parents, paying tribute to her in a local newspaper, said: “There are no words to capture the unimaginable. For us the world remains still. You can’t see sadness, you can’t hear it, you can only feel it sentient».
Outside her home, her parents left a lit candle with the words: “You are now a star in the sky.”

At the same time, according to the Daily Mail, police sources said that new details about the crime had emerged. According to these sources, Luise was stabbed 32 times with a nail filebefore the two girls – her killers push up a steep embankment in the nearby forest.

The perverts murderers they also put a plastic bag on Luise’s head before one threatens the other “to hit her with a stone, or she will also be found lying next to her”.

Police fear Luise may have been alive before she was dumped on the embankment and died from her injuries and the bad weather that hit the area last weekend. A source leading the investigation told MailOnline: ‘The act itself was terrible. Experienced police officers who have been involved in many homicide cases have stayed shocked from the murder. Not only from the age of the victim, but also from the age of the suspects – the murder weapon has not yet been found and although we initially thought it might have been a knife, we now suspect it might have been a nail file.”

Luisa and Anna-Maria, the two girls who killed Luise, are believed to have driven Luise to her death through an abandoned railway tunnel that leads from the village of Hohenhain – just two miles from Freudenberg – in the forest.

On Saturday, crowds gathered outside the late Luise’s home to pay their respects, leaving flowers and chocolates at a makeshift altar at the edge of the spot where the 12-year-old fell dead.

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