Vintage soap dish from KORRES Design Lab and KORRES Recycle Lab

That KORRES Recycle Lab is already in its third year of operation. With the valuable contribution and support of those involved in the effort, they have managed to collect so far:

  • 2 tons empty plastic packaging
  • more than 1.5 tons of empty paper packages and
  • over 700 kg empty glass containers
  • From these materials we created 672 beautiful recycled items!

The new Vintage soap dish, object of production KORRES Recycle Lab it is made of empty, plastic packaging and looks like it has been crafted from precious marble. Every soapbox is different. This is a gift we now reward consumers who continue to participate in the effort.

That KORRES Recycle Lab is the final link in our Full Circle of value options: From Nature to Skin and Back Again.

It is another link in our effort to repay nature’s bounty, to give back to people and the environment. This is not a vague idea.

The Recycle Lab it is our reality. From industrial waste turned into organic compost to empty cosmetic packaging transformed into beautiful recycled objects. Plastic, paper, glass take on a new form.

We collect empty packaging through a comprehensive recycling program that we implement with the participation of 1,000 pharmacists. In the recycling unit, we sort, sort, clean, condense them. We turn them into raw material for new product packaging or become everyday objects designed by KORRES Design Lab and returned to consumers as a reward. Tubes, caps, bottles, jars come back to life and a new beautiful cycle begins.

In its Full Circle KORRES we are responsible for every step of the process: From seed and herb, extraction, research, formula and product, to reusing empty packaging!

The steps to join the KORRES Recycle Lab:

  • Collect empty cosmetic packaging.
  • Return and place these in the special recycling bins KORRES Recycle Lab in the pharmacies participating in the effort (ideally having first cleaned the packaging + straightened the paper boxes).
  • In every 5 empty packages KORRES corresponds to a gift.

For more information KORRES Recycle Lab

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