Who is the non-binary CEO of Credit Suisse?

Philip or Pippa Bunce is the non-binary and genderfluid CEO of Credit Suisse, the Swiss bank that sits close to the brink.

This is a special personality. He is a senior executive at the bank, serving as Head of Key Strategic Engineering Programs Global Markets.

She sometimes goes to work in a wig and women’s clothes, heels and make-up while she was listed in Financial Times & HERoes Champions of Women in Businessan annual ranking of 100 “company leaders who support women in business.”

Prizes and actions

He is also its Co-Chairman Credit Suisse LGBT Allies Program, organizing diversity and inclusion activities and producing educational resources for LGBT inclusion in the workplace.

In 2018, it was included in the list of Financial Times and Heroes Champions of Women in Business Listranking 32nd on the Top 100 Women in Business.


In March 2022, Bunce received a British Diversity Award. Listed in the Top 10 Inspiring Leaders in British LGBT Awards and were included, in 4th place, in Financial Times and in the list of outstanding executives LGBT and Allies.

It identifies itself as genderfluid and non-binary person and uses feminine and gender neutral pronouns.

In an interview with Financial News in 2011, Bunce said he knew he was “different” from the age of 4 and that they waited until his career was established in Credit Suisse before announcing it publicly.

“I was tired of living a lie, I didn’t want to pretend to be someone else anymore,” he said when he came out. From the age of 5, he did not want to dress only as a boy. “Luckily, my family was receptive, home was a safe environment where I could show who I was and how I felt,” he said in an interview. “Expression is so important.”

Seeing non-binary and genderfluid friends take their own lives because they couldn’t cope in an environment where they didn’t feel included or accepted, “also made me decide to stand up for what I wanted, to make things better.” , he stated.

However, he is married and has two children.

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