But who is this ice cream seller anyway? The answer through Eugene O’Neil’s play “The Iceman is Coming”, which will be presented at the “Proskenio” theater, directed by Akyllas Karazisis. – kontranews.gr


Stavrou Xintaras

“To hell with the truth. Only the lie of a dream keeps us alive,

all of us, drunk or sober…” phrase of a hero of the play

THE Akyllas Karazisis, the first invited director under the artistic direction of Dimitris Karantzas at Proscenium Theatretakes over the direction of Eugene O’Neill’s rare work, “Pagopolis is coming”, from Wednesday, February 22.

The Place is the back room and part of Harry Hope’s bar, in a working-class neighborhood of an American metropolis. The Time: the summer of 1912, but it could be today. Ex-anarchists, ex-gamblers, ex-students, ex-plaisiers, ex-bartenders, and current punks make up the idiosyncratic commons of this bar.

In this unsettled world of drunken dreamers, the waiting and arrival of the star of the evening gives movement. Hickey, an itinerant playboy, who comes every year on this day and sparks the ultimate rabble. But this time he comes transformed. From here on, the play, like any self-respecting tragedy, has conflicts, murders, loves and many more spiritual adventures. It constantly balances between the police and the social drama, the fantastic and the realistic, between Noir and a quirky road movie Room.

In order to represent this world, we employ all theatrical means: realism but also large theatrical form, representation but also narration, prose and song, and of course music with a live jukebox.

And all this Waiting for the Iceman. But who the hell is the ice cream man?


of Eugene O’Neill

directed by Akylla Karazisi

Proscenium Theatre
February – April 2023

Elena Topalidou, Akyllas Karazisis,
Giorgos Katsis, Hara Mata Giannatou, Konstantinos Plemmenos,
Elina Rizou,
Gary Solomon


Translation: Antonis Galeos

Directing/Dramaturgy: Akyllas Karazisis

Scenery: Konstantinos Skourletis

Costumes: Ioanna Tsami

Music: Gary Solomon

Lighting: Marietta Pavlakis

Director’s assistant: Georgia Kanellopoulou

Photos & Artwork: Kalambaka Gel

Production: THEATER

Communication & Public Relations: Olga Pavlatou


from February 22

Wednesday – 19:00

Thursday – 20:00

Friday – 21:00

Saturday – 18:00 & 21:00

Sunday – 19:00


8 Kapnokoptiriou, Athens



The article is in Greek

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