Based on open sources, the BBC has identified 12,200 Russian soldiers who…

Based on open sources, the BBC has identified 12,200 Russian soldiers who…
Based on open sources, the BBC has identified 12,200 Russian soldiers who…

Since the first day of the war, the BBC’s Russian Service in collaboration with the investigative journalism website Mediazona (in Russia it is considered a media-‘foreign agent’) and a group of volunteers have been documenting Russian losses in Ukraine.

On January 23, we managed to identify information about the death of 12,225 Russian soldiers and officers, the journalists write, noting that most of the dead in the last three months are conscripts, volunteers and prison inmates.

These numbers are based on confirmed reports of deaths and therefore the data we have collected does not correspond to the actual level of casualties, they write and add: we assume that our list may include at least 40-60% fewer names of soldiers killed by ‘ that they are actually buried in Russia.

We came to this conclusion by studying burials in cemeteries in more than 60 residential areas.

Therefore, based on the most conservative estimates, during the invasion of Ukraine, Russia could have more than 24,000 dead.

Russia’s total irreparable casualties (ie the number of those put out of action due to injury, death or missing) may be at least 110,000.

This figure is based on the observations of the US Center for Military and Naval Analysis, according to which for every Russian soldier killed during the war in Ukraine there are three and a half wounded. This number does not include those who fight on the side of Russia and belong to the “people’s police” of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

It is worth noting that in the detailed report of the BBC, which presents the losses of the Russian military by corps that served as well as in the elite units, it is stated that 117 air force pilots have been killed to date.

Of the 12,225 Russian military personnel killed in Ukraine, 1,627, or nearly 15%, are officers. Among the dead are 4 generals and 52 colonels. Prison inmates recruited and killed in Ukraine reach 452 and dead young recruits are 800.

Source: APE-MPE, BBC (Russian service)

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