Who is the owner of the ship that carried 4.5 tons of cocaine?

Who is the owner of the ship that carried 4.5 tons of cocaine?
Who is the owner of the ship that carried 4.5 tons of cocaine?

Absolute silence. A veil of mystery still surrounds who owns the cargo ship “Blume”, in which 4.5 tons of cocaine were found. As it became known already last Friday, the cargo ship was intercepted by the Spanish authorities off the Canary Islands, 193 nautical miles from the port of Santa Cruz. According to what soon became known by the international maritime press, the cargo ship is under Greek management. Nevertheless, for three days there has been no announcement from the Greek authorities regarding who the real administrator of “Blume” is, which reinforces the reasonable questions that arise: who is the real owner of “Blume”?

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Based on what has been made public so far, “Rentoor Chartering” appears as the owner company of the ship and “Dignatio Corp” as the manager. This last company is based at 129 Filonos Street in Piraeus and was only incorporated at the beginning of last October. According to a newspaper report “Daily”, Dignatio Corp has ‘Blume’ listed as its only ship. As can be seen from her report “Journal of Editors” on Monday, one of the bells at 129 Filonos Street does say “Dignatio Corp”, however the particular building “shows obvious abandonment, both externally and internally”.

But the sequel is even more strange. According to the announcement of the establishment of the company, which was published in GEMI on October 3, 2022, the 22-year-old D.T. appears as the sole partner and manager of the company, who even declares himself unemployed. Based on what has been published, the specific person does not have a criminal record, however a close relative of his is said to have concerned the Greek authorities. It is characteristic that, as reported in the Greek press, the close relative of D.T. he was allegedly arrested in 2013, together with another foreigner, for a case of trafficking processed cannabis that had been found in the area of ​​Aspropyrgos.

There is one more person that appears. It is about O.-Th. K. who, as she states on her personal profile on Linkedin, has been the “operator” of Dignatio Corp since February 2022, but a company that was incorporated several months later in October 2022. In fact, in a photo she shared on her profile of the company’s operator, in June 2022, is immortalized in Mikrolimanos as part of the “Poseidonia 2022” event. There are also other people present in the photo, who seem to be executives and owners of a Greek company and two Turkish ones. In the caption of the dispute posted by O.-Th. K., lists the names of the companies in question – and Dignatio Corp – adding “the best team!”. Now what kind of group these companies have formed and how this particular person advertises on social media a company which is not yet incorporated is a question that is yet to be answered.

What also remains unanswered is how a 22-year-old could be involved in the trafficking of such a huge amount of drugs. Both the Greek authorities and the Greek government stubbornly refuse to answer these questions, content to state that there were no Greek sailors in the 15-member crew of the ship that was arrested. But as long as the shadows remain, the scenario starts to become more and more realistic, behind the case is hiding another, much bigger name of a shipowner, which is… lost behind a labyrinthine and vast corporate ramification.

And while the answer to these reasonable questions is awaited with particular interest, the case was complicated even more by the lawyer Sakis Kehagioglou, who announced that he had taken over the legal representation of the ship-owning company of “Blume”, without, however, clarifying who this company is. He even stated that what has been made public so far is not true, since, as he claims, both the owner and the management company are not based in Greece:

As characteristically stated by Sakis Kehagioglou, “I undertook the legal representation of the ship’s owning company, which was stopped off Tenerife and found to be carrying a quantity of cocaine. Both the ship owner and the management company of the ship, which happen to be foreign companies, have absolutely no connection and knowledge about the loading and transport of the narcotics on the ship, information that was made known to them, to their surprise, through the press.

They declare, moreover, that they have acted absolutely legally and will fully prove before the authorities, if they are called to do so, both their complete ignorance of narcotic substances, and the legality of all their actions.

The IKE (Private Capital Company), which was mentioned in a portion of the press and belongs to the 22-year-old, cannot by law and its statutes be related to the ownership and management of the ship. Consequently, neither the IKE representative has any involvement or knowledge about narcotics.

Finally, I wish to draw the attention of all those who have made or are about to make comments on this case, to be cautious and sparing in their judgments and await the collection of evidence and material, which I am sure will prove the innocence of my principals ».

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