Eva Kaili: Who is the MEP being investigated for a corruption scandal?

THE Eva Kaili is being investigated for a major corruption case by Qatari officials. According to information, the vice-president of the European Parliament and MEP of PASOK has been brought in by the Belgian authorities, while her partner has been arrested, Francesco Giorgi.

Both Kaili and her partner are being investigated for corruption according to the Belgian newspaper Le Soir.

Eva Kaili – The relationship with Francesco Giorgi

In the summer of 2020, Eva Kaili’s relationship with the Italian Francesco Giorgi became known, after a related publication presented their first joint photos as a couple.

Who is Francesco Giorgi?

The 36-year-old man who comes from Italy met Eva Kaili in the European Parliament 5 years ago. He works as an assistant in the office of an Italian MEP and they belong to the same group of European Socialists.

The charming Francesco Giorgi is considered an experienced Parliamentary Adviser in the field of foreign affairs and human rights and is also a keen sailor. He shares this love for the sea with Eva Kaili who also obtained a sailing diploma.

Eva Kaili – The first television appearance after the arrival of her daughter

In September 2021, Eva Kaili appeared on Eleni Menegaki’s show, shortly after the birth of her daughter.

“We are trying to adjust again with the baby. We spent the entire pregnancy process in Greece, I was close to my family. Telecommuting helped us to have quality time with the little one. We were for a year and a half, now we go back and forth with the little one, she is a happy baby and follows us,” she said about her new life.

Eva Kaili: “I’m not married yet”

In an interview with Mega Good morning Eva Kaili answered about her personal life and the reports that wanted her to marry her partner.

“I’m not married, we’re trendy. We have a pact, but at some point this too will happen. My partner is Italian. We met at the European Parliament. Italy did not do well at the beginning of the pandemic and came to stay in Greece because of the pandemic. That’s how we made the decision. We have been together for several years. Everything was easy. We didn’t have to make big plans and plans,” she said about the chosen one of her heart, Francesco Giorgi.

As for the name she will give her daughter: “We named my daughter Ariadne, a name that translates to Ariana in Italian. We will do the baptism by Easter. My husband is Catholic. We will definitely do an Orthodox baptism. We will look for it. The naming has been done anyway” said, among others, Eva Kaili.

Eva Kaili – From the MEGA bulletin at the top of the European Parliament

Presenting MEGA’s midday weekend newscast in the triennium 2004-2007 catapulted her recognition. Eva Kaili enters all the Greek homes winning the television audience and her co-candidates in her home country are worried about the popularity points she is gaining every day.

In the elections in September 2007, the people of Thessaloniki send her to the Parliament again and this time she will go. The same thing happened in 2009 when PASOK took power. Of course, the 2012 polls have one more unpleasant surprise in store. PASOK elects a member of parliament in 1 Thessaloniki and its president at the time, Evangelos Venizelos, chooses this seat and not Heraklion, for which he had also nominated.

Eva Kaili met Francesco Giorgi at the seats of the European Parliament.

Eva Kaili – Francesco Giorgi: The reason why their daughter’s baptism was postponed

A recent publication of the Secret newspaper stated that the couple changed the date of their daughter’s christening, making new planning for the coming Easter, the reason being none other than the professional obligations of both Eva Kaili and Francesco Giorgi.

On Friday morning (09.12.2022) Eva Kaili’s house was raided, while her partner was arrested first and then herself. Both Kaili and her partner are being investigated for corruption according to Belgian newspaper Le Soir.

Eva Kaili – Photos from the recent appearance in Kolonaki on November 11:

Photos: NDP

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