Eva Kaili: Who is her Italian husband, Francesco Giorgi, who…

Reports in Belgium say that her husband has probably been brought in, Eva Kaili, Francesco Giorgi who is considered a key defendant in the case with the corruption scandal of the European Parliament that has come under the microscope of the Authorities.

Giorgi is currently a partner in the S&D team, an experienced Parliamentary Counsel in the field of foreign affairs and human rights, while also being a keen sailor.

He comes from Italy and has worked as an assistant in the office of an Italian MEP, in the same group of European Socialists.

They have been in a relationship with Eva Kaili for several years, they have entered into a cohabitation agreement and together they have a two-year-old girl, Ariadni.

The couple met in Brussels, where the 33-year-old works as a consultant at the European Parliament specializing in International Relations and Human Rights.

The MEP and the Parliamentary Counselor met in the context of work. In fact, in an earlier interview about her acquaintance with the 34-year-old, Eva Kaili stated:

“We met at work and I appreciated it how serious, intelligent and educated he was. Then I found out that he has a heart of gold and cares for others but also respects his family. That was a good basis for everything.”

Eva Kaili Francesco Giorgi

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