Francesco Giorgi: Who is the partner of Eva Caili who was arrested

The news that the PASOK MEP – KINAL (who was deleted) is being investigated for a corruption case related to the World Cup in Qatar hit Brussels and Greece like a bolt of lightning.

An even greater sensation was caused by the news that her partner, of Italian origin, Francesco Giorgi, has been arrested for the same case.

Giorgi is an experienced Parliamentary Adviser in the field of foreign affairs and human rights, while also being a keen sailor.

He comes from Italy and works as an assistant in the office of an Italian MEP, in the same group of European Socialists.

They have been in a relationship with Eva Kaili for more than two years, while last February they had a baby girl together.

The couple met in Brussels, where the 33-year-old works as a consultant at the European Parliament specializing in International Relations and Human Rights.

“We met at work and I appreciated how serious, intelligent and educated he was. Then I found out that he has a heart of gold and cares for others but also respects his family. This was a good basis for everything,” said Eva Kaili.

Eva Kaili had spoken about 1.5 years ago on the “Come Smile” show about motherhood, meaningfully saying “I’m late but I have to make a decision too. This period was very important because I really saw that it is a beautiful thing that changes your life, but that doesn’t mean you stop it”, while answering a question about whether he is close to having a child he confessed: “We are necessarily in a final straight”.

For the child and their acquaintance

Eva Kaili spoke about her acquaintance with her partner, their daughter and their life between Athens, Brussels and Milan.

The politician, a few days after her election as vice-president of the European Parliament, had spoken to the magazine “OK!” and she talked about meeting her partner Francesco Giorgi, how they chose their daughter’s name, and what her specialty is.

Is there a story behind the choice of name?
Ariadne’s algorithm, the story of Ariadne of Crete, my love for our history and mythology were the main reasons that led us to this choice. The fact that it translates to Arianna in Italian was finally the deciding factor for us to choose it in the New Year of 2021, and approaching its 1 year anniversary, we find that it suits her.

Who does she look like?
At first only to her father, but those who love me say that I am slowly gaining points.

Are you based in Brussels?
Brussels and Athens. Milan during the holidays.

How do you spend your free time as a family?
Having stopped overseas missions due to a pandemic, we spend all weekends just as a family, cooking and testing recipes with my mother, playing with my nephew, singing children’s songs, like everyone in this period of their lives. When the baby is sleeping, reading or talking but also organizing the next days.

What would you say your specialty is?
All Greek time-consuming recipes. I also learned some Italian. Every month I try to achieve something that I will usually copy from my sister.

How easy is it to travel with the baby on the plane? How does he perceive all this?
Adapted. The last time he stood up and greeted the people who were getting off the plane on the Brussels – Athens flight. She wants to see people smile at her.

Will the baptism and wedding take place in Greece?
Baptism yes. When this pandemic passes for good, we will see the details.

How did you manage to keep your pregnancy under wraps?
I didn’t try to keep it a secret, I just don’t feel comfortable publicizing something so personal, especially at a time when many families are counting losses from this unprecedented pandemic. It was also telecommuting that kept us home. It was finally learned when the baby was already 3-4 months old.

When you met your partner, did you feel that this man would be the father of your children?

No, I confess. We chose to be together after about two years of dating.

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