Who is the American Maciek Kaminski who bought Panaitolikos

Who is the American Maciek Kaminski who bought Panaitolikos
Who is the American Maciek Kaminski who bought Panaitolikos

He stated that he wants to help Panaitolikos to go higher and will support infrastructure and academies.

Suddenly, Greek football became a magnet for American businessmen? After the purchase of 90% of the Kallithea team by Andrew Barroway, the agreement to purchase the shares of his team in Panaitolikos from Fotis Kostoula to the American businessman of Polish origin, Maciek Kaminski, was formalized. However, the paradox is that the American businessman was interested in buying the British premier league club Everton, known to all, in the summer. Kaminsky, described in British media as an American real estate tycoon, was part of the consortium led by former Manchester United and Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon, who held talks with Everton owner British-Iranian Farhad Moshiri last June.

Maciek Kaminski and his son Mikhail gave a press conference yesterday but did not adequately explain their interest in Agrinio’s team, Panaitolikos. They indicated that they want to help Panaitolikos to go higher and promised support in infrastructure and academies.

On a business level, the website of Talon Real Estate, which is the flagship of the entrepreneur, which is active mainly in real estate, mentions only some basic information, such as that it operates in the central States of the USA, that its headquarters are in Minneapolis and that in the years active has managed a real estate portfolio that exceeds 2 billion dollars.

Among the leaked data is an 18-year-old post about a major acquisition he made in Minneapolis. According to it, his parents immigrated from Poland to America in 1967, when Maciek Kaminski was only 8 years old. Although he studied Biology and Physics at the University of Minnesota, he never went into the sciences as investments won him over.

In the late 90s he created the Kaminski Poland Fund, which at the time was the only Polish investment fund in the US. At the same time, he worked as an investment consultant for various companies, while expanding his personal activities in the field of real estate. His first major move was in 2001, when he purchased from well-known entrepreneur and former technology executive Rick Born (RCA), office and dining property in Wayzata. Today estimates, which, however, are not cited in a source, nor can it be cross-referenced, raise his financial power to 1 billion dollars.

If we keep something from yesterday’s presentation, it is the position of the outgoing, after 17 years, strong man of Panaitolikos, Fotis Kostoulas, who gave some additional information for the new investors. As he said: “I have lived with them for many months lately and I understand that they love sports and football. They like Greece and often come to our country. They will also like our region and they have plans for our region and that is good for our place and for our team.” So far it is unknown if these plans go beyond the football field.

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