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It changes hands PAE Panitolikoswith the owner of the club for a number of years, Fotis Kostoula, reaching an agreement for the sale of his shares to American Maciek Kaminski.

The entrepreneur of Polish origin is active in real estate and in the investment sector, both in the US and in Europe. Not long ago, reports in the British press wanted him to be in advanced negotiations to take over the Evertonbut the deal was never completed.

According to information, the agreement of the two sides has already been communicated to Professional Sports Committeewhich should “give the green light” to complete the transfer of shares.

Who is Maciek Kaminski?

Maciek Kaminski, known as MG, is an American businessman who was born in Poland and graduated with a degree in Biology and Physics from the University of Minnesota.

He is the founder and chairman of Kaminski Asset Management, Inc based in the United States. His company manages funds worth billions, having a significant say in the stock market.

Kaminski also serves as a Portfolio Manager for the Kaminski Poland Fund, where he offers investment advice through the management of private accounts in the Central European markets. He has been involved in the investment field for the last 15 years.

According to economic reports in the US, Kaminsky has a personal fortune of $1 billion and owns properties in many regions of the world through Kaminski Asset Management and Kaminski Poland Fund.

The Kaminski family has no background in ownership of other sports clubs or franchises.

In fact, last February he created KAM Sports and it was in this context that he became involved with Everton last September. Together with other businessmen he wanted to buy the team, there were contacts between the two sides, but the case froze.

“We want to make the team better, to go up in the standings”

Maciek Kaminski

For the conclusion of the agreement, Kaminski gave a joint press conference with Fotis Kostoula.

“We want to thank Mr Kostoula for the fantastic job he has done at the club so far and we are delighted to be here. We will help make the club better. We will need everyone’s support and with Mr. Kostoula’s support we will move forward. We want the support of the people, the city and we will do everything to make the club better day by day”, said the new owner of the team.

And when asked about his goals for the club, he said: “We want to make the club better in many different areas, to go up in the standings, to make the facilities better so that the players also get better. Let’s make a winning team, as Mr. Kostoulas wanted.”

While Mr. Kaminski’s son noted: “Thank you all for being here. What we want is for the team and the sports center to continue to grow and become even bigger. We also want to improve our academies. Thank you to all people of Agrinio for the reception”.

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