Meghan Markle – Christianopoulos poem: What is the verse?

The Duchess of Sussex closed the last episode of her podcast series and said goodbye to her audience with a poignant quote from a poem by Dinos Christianopoulos.

The Duchess of Sussex brought an end to the first season of Archetypes, during which she spoke to dozens of guests about gender equality and reflected on the concept of stereotypes that affect women.

Archetypes: How Prince Harry inspired Meghan in her latest and most important podcast episode?

Meghan Markle – Christianopoulos Poem: Which verse did she use?

“And what didn’t you do to bury me? But you forgot how I was a seed.” It’s a verse by Greek poet Dinos Christianopoulos that the Duchess of Sussex used to make a pointed comment at the end of her Spotify podcast.

“A long time ago, I heard a phrase, which I will share with you today. Because we’re talking about labels and boxes that they might try to push you into as well as roles or stereotypes that are given to you that don’t quite fit the person you are, that’s the phrase I wanted to leave you with,” he said of Dino’s verse Christianopoulos. He added: “Keep improving my friend and I’ll see you on the other side. As always, I’m Meghan.”

Meghan Markle poem by Christianopoulos


Entitled “Man-ifesting a Cultural Shift”, this particular episode was the first in which male voices were heard. Her guests talked about how men feel about the stereotypes and labels that hold women back, while she revealed that it wasn’t her idea, but her husband Prince Harry’s, to include the male perspective.

“If you’ve watched the last 11 episodes, you’ll have noticed that you’ve heard almost no male voices. I could even say that this show has all female voices,” said Meghan. “And indeed, that’s how I envisioned my show. It was important for us women to have a space to share our experiences. Let’s hear each other. And to understand us”.

As for the future of the Archetypes podcast, fans are hoping for a second season which is yet to be confirmed, although Meghan Markle has indicated that the platform has been positive.

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