They don’t pay road tax or get insurance!

They don’t pay road tax or get insurance!
They don’t pay road tax or get insurance!

The cars, whose owners do not pay road tax and at the same time drive without insurance, amount to hundreds of thousands, according to a file of the AADE.

This fact causes a loss of revenue for the state budget and the insurance companiesbut at the same time, especially uninsured vehicles they create huge problems when involved in an accident.

In this context, AADE prepares new intersection frame for carswith the aim of immediately identifying both the uninsured and the vehicles for which road tax has not been paid.

The problem comes from the lack of effective compatibility of the records of the Ministry of Transport, Traffic, insurance companies and AADE.

Speaking at the National Conference of Elected Insurance Brokers, the commander of AADE, Giorgos Pitsilis revealed that there are hundreds of thousands of uninsured vehicles and those for which road tax has not been paid in recent years.

In this context, Mr. Pitsilis announced change of the procedures of the crossing of the files of the AADE services, the Ministry of Transport, the insurance companies and the Police, in order to create an effective cordon around the offenders.

The main problem is that hundreds of thousands of vehicles which, according to the database of A.A.D.E. are on the road and their owners have not paid the road tax, they are nowhere to be found on the Ministry of Transport lists.

Possibly many of these “invisible” cars, they have been passed down, destroyed and have recycled, but the AADE file has not been updated. Also, the same cars appear uninsured.

Also, some, declare the vehicles in immobilitythey do not pay road tax and insurance premiums, but drive them normally.

Crossings and checks

Today, in every traffic controlthere should normally also be a check on the payment of the insurance premiums, by “hitting” the vehicle’s number plate in the database held by the AADE.

However, through this process, not all uninsured cars can be identified, since one uninsured vehicle that didn’t happen to be checked by the Traffic, is never going to be found, unless it gets into an accident.

Furthermore, the current legislative framework provides that those taxpayers found at intersections driving uninsured vehicles, if they do not pay the fine and do not insure their vehicles, their information will be sent, within six months in the Police, which should detect them and take away their driver’s licenses, traffic permits and plates and impose fines of 250 to 1,000 euros.

In this context, within 2023 the records of all the involved bodies will be “zeroed” and the databases of the AADE, the Ministry of Transport, the Police and the insurance companies, so that they are fully compatible with each other and automatically update each other for any change in the car’s condition.

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