Germany: Amazon worker dead

At Amazon in Leipzig, work was not interrupted despite the death of one person. Employees criticize their employer’s actions

The shift operation at Amazon’s logistics center in Leipzig has not been interrupted despite the death of a worker at the facility.

This was reported by “Correctiv.lokal” and “Leipziger Volkszeitung” after a joint investigation. According to the report, the incident occurred on August 15.

According to “Correctiv.lokal”, they have spoken with several employees of the logistics center in order to withdraw the case.

The worker collapsed in the early afternoon and died of natural causes. During the operation of the rescue services and the police, which lasted several hours, the company simply continued to operate.

Cardboard had been placed around the worker’s body as a curtain.

In the report, the anonymous workers criticize their employer’s actions. In their opinion, shift work should have stopped.

Amazon admits mistakes – and denies them

According to the report, Amazon itself admitted the mistakes, but also partially denied the employees.

After the death, it was “unfortunately not successful” to move the incoming employees from the hall to another area. “We would have done it differently in retrospect,” the report quotes Amazon as saying.

According to the company, the area where the body was located was protected by higher shelves and a wall. In addition, other visual barriers were installed “with lightning speed”.

In addition, individual workstations were blocked and conveyor belts disabled. Amazon declined to say why the shift did not stop that day.

According to “Correctiv.lokal”, the company also stated that workers on the affected shifts were free to go home with pay.

The workers the reporters spoke to, however, had not heard of this offer.

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