The murder of 20-year-old Hadis Najafi in… | Reporter Cyprus

The murder of 20-year-old Hadis Najafi in… | Reporter Cyprus
The murder of 20-year-old Hadis Najafi in… | Reporter Cyprus

With six bullets, in the neck, face and heart, 20-year-old Hadis Najafi, who participated from the first moment in the dynamic demonstrations for the death of 22-year-old Mahsha Amini in Tehran, fell dead. The young Iranian woman, of Turkish origin, was murdered last Thursday by the Iranian security forces during demonstrations in the city of Karaj, 36 km west of Tehran.

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The blonde protester had appeared in the previous days in a video that went viral and depicted the young girl standing bravely against the men of the Iranian police, without wearing the hijab required by the “Morality Police” while at the same time holding her hair in a ponytail and she had become known as “the girl with the ponytail, symbol of the protests”.

The news of Najafi’s killing was announced on Sunday by Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad, who tweeted the funeral of the 20-year-old protester and wrote: “This is the funeral of 20-year-old HadisNajafi , who was dropped dead on the street by security forces against the protesters. Hadis was a kind hearted girl and loved to dance. She was protesting against the brutal death of MahsaAmini . Their crime: they wanted freedom.” Her sister Hadis spoke to the reporter and said that the 20-year-old could not remain silent after the death of Mahsha Amini.

The United Nations has asked Iran for an independent investigation into Amini’s death

“After Mahsha Amini, the death of Hadith Najafi shocks Iran,” reports the French magazine le Point. “In the street, with her hair untied: the last photos of the Iranian woman Hadis Najafi, who was shot with six bullets”, broadcasts the French network TF INFO and reports that after 10 days of protests, at least 54 people have been killed during the of violent incidents, according to the Iran Human Rights organization.

22-year-old Mahsha Amini was arrested by the “Morality Police” last week in Tehran for not properly wearing her hijab, the Muslim veil that covers the head and part of the face. The men who arrested her brutally beat her, according to eyewitnesses, as a result of which the young woman was taken to the hospital, where she fell into a coma and finally “passed away”. Although the authorities claimed that Amini was suffering from a heart problem, her family claimed that the 22-year-old was in good health. Since the day of her death, Iran has been a “boiling cauldron” as thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in at least 50 cities across the country, while women in protest have cut their hair and burned their hijabs in public.

By September 22, at least 17 people had been killed in the protests, according to state media, while the country’s theocratic regime blocked access to Instagram and WhatsApp and restricted access to the internet in an attempt to curb public anger.

The United Nations issued a statement following recent protests in Iran and a rise in allegations of “morality police” “attacking” women if they don’t wear the hijab properly and calling for an independent investigation into Amini’s death. “We call on the Iranian authorities to conduct an independent, objective and timely investigation into the death of Amini, to make public the results and to ensure that all the perpetrators are held accountable (to the authorities),” the relevant announcement emphasizes.

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