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The amphibious operations ship FS “Tonnerre” sails to Volos today

In the context of the Greece-France military exercise “Argo 2022”

It was published 24/09/2022 06:59

Today, Saturday, the French amphibious operations ship FS “Tonnerre” of the French navy is expected to sail to the port of Volos, which is expected to be accompanied by 3-4 Greek vessels, tankers, frigates and others, which are taking part in the bilateral cross-branch exercise between Greece and France. Argo 2002″, which started yesterday, will last until Saturday, October 1 and will develop in the region of Magnesia, the central and Northern Aegean.

The mini-fleet of ships of the two countries is expected to turn the port of Volos into a military one, for the time they will remain in the area, where it is planned to be informed about the exercise and then the forces will be transferred to the Aegean islands where they will attempt to cooperation with marines, special forces, Army Air Forces and Air Force.

The amphibious operations ship FS “Tonnerre” is loaded with tanks, crawlers, helicopters, marines and even a team of Special Operations commandos. It is a 200 meter long ship codenamed “Thunder” which has been operating for Marine Nationale since 2006. “Twin” with FS “Dixmude” which in 2020 participated in the impressive exercise “ALEXANDER THE GREAT” which took place in the same area .
Greece will participate in the “ARGO 2022” exercise with the Navy frigate “HELLI”, two tankers and a Type 214 submarine.
In addition, the Special Warfare Command led by the 32nd Marine Brigade and Special Operations Unit deployed in Volos will participate in the exercise.

The air support exercise will be provided by Apache attack helicopters and Chinook transport helicopters from the 1st Aviation Brigade of the Hellenic Ground Force in Stefanovikio, as well as Hellenic Air Force F-16, Mirage 2000, F-4 Phantom and Rafale fighters.

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