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Today the trial of the 52-year-old accused of domestic violence

Today the trial of the 52-year-old accused of domestic violence
Today the trial of the 52-year-old accused of domestic violence

The threshold of the Motor Court is expected to pass today, Friday (23/09), the 52-year-old father who attacked his neighbor immediately after his daughter was brutally beaten in Nea Chora Chania in Crete.

According to information from Cretapost, the trial of the case is expected to take place today at 12:00 after the postponement requested by the side of the 52-year-old, as the lawyer needed time to be informed about the content of the case file.

It is recalled that the 65-year-old neighbor, when he saw the 52-year-old abusing his daughter, immediately notified the police, whose men rushed to the scene and arrested him.

“I yelled at him, ‘What are you doing?’ You’re going to kill the girl,’ and then he went inside. I poked my head through a divider to see if the girl is okay, if she needs anything, and then she came out again and punched me.”, the 65-year-old described.

The 52-year-old did not hesitate to quarrel strongly with the son-in-law of his 65-year-old neighbor and attacked him in front of the police inside the Chania Police Station.

The police separated them, and both the 65-year-old and his son-in-law filed a personal injury lawsuit against him.

They weigh on the 52-year-old felony domestic violence charges. He is also accused of bodily harm and resisting police officers.

The 52-year-old’s lawyer, Vardoulakis Prokopis, spoke about the case saying that the alleged perpetrator considers inflated criminal prosecution and according to the defendant himself it is one simple intrafamilial episode.

The Chronicles

According to the complaint, everything happened at noon on Wednesday, September 15, when the 52-year-old began to beat his eldest daughter because she, he was late… two minutes to come home from school.

The minor she was crying for help stirring up the neighborhood. Worried, a neighbor rushed to see what was happening and saw the child sitting on a chair and his father on top, beating her with a stick.

According to testimony available to, the 65-year-old neighbor, who has visual contact with the family’s house, intervened.

Follow persecution and a little while later the 52-year-old was arrested and taken to the Chania Police Station.

The 17-year-old, in her complaint, argued that it is not the first time she has been a victim of domestic violencewhile her father allegedly abused both of the younger children with the tolerance and support of their wife and mother, who is by his side.

It is noted that according to information from neighbors, the police has been invoked countless times in that particular house after complaints from neighbours, but until now she has always left idly, due to the attitude of the mother, who insisted that nothing is happening.

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