“Who is Papadopoulos?”: This is comedy

“Who is Papadopoulos?”: This is comedy
“Who is Papadopoulos?”: This is comedy

Jokes that give a laugh, nice actors and a clever script, attract the interest and give the series satisfactory ratings. Having to compete with tough competition, the comedy series of ANT1 did yesterday 14.6% in the dynamic audience and 14.4% in total.

At the same time, Twitter users chanted “Who Papadopoulos?” proving that the serial came to occupy.


In “Who Papadopoulos?” the confusion begins with the … protagonists! 16 years ago. One rainy evening, two wives, Aristos (Krateros Katsoulis) and Melina (Marianna Toumasatou), Yiannis (Yiannis Drakopoulos) and Peristera (Eleni Ouzounidou), become parents in the same maternity hospital. Little do they know, however, that a blackout and their common surname, Papadopoulos, will unite them. 16 years later. Aristos and Melina live with their son Alexandros (Nikos Seymour Stathopoulos) a lavish life in a luxurious villa.

Giannis and Peristera, on the other hand, live with their son Thanos (Dimitris Daras), but also Giannis’ father, Thanasis (Vassilis Kolovos), in a poor detached house, struggling to make ends meet with a loan they owe , with foreclosures chasing them and with only a steady income, grandfather’s pension. An accident will bring them all face to face with a big surprise… How will the rich aristocratic Papadopoulos react when they are forced to host the poor Papadopoulos in their mansion, for the sake of their boys? How will parents cope with this new reality? How will the children “welcome” their new life, growing up under the same roof with their biological parents, but also with the parents who raised them? How will the tangle of this forced cohabitation of two families from two completely different social classes and with a gap in economic status be untangled?

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