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Amanda, what are your favorite Madrugada songs?

THE Amanda Georgiadis she entered our lives when we heard her ethereal voice at this year’s Eurovision and “Die Together” stuck with us. THE Amanda Tenfjord but she was already a star in Norway, we are talking about a singer whose track is playing in a Netflix series (the series is called Spinning Out and the track that is heard is Troubled Water). 25-year-old Amanda is a doctor. But she knew, as long as she could remember, that she was born a musician. She started playing the piano at the age of five, wrote music throughout her teenage years and participated in countless music competitions. Something good was happening at her school because she was a classmate of the Scandinavian pop singer Sigrid.

It was a natural consequence that a record label discovered her and signed her. Amanda Georgiadis’ first album Tenfjord will be released on October 21st on all music platforms and we already love the song AMAN (a Mediterranean sound that brings back many memories of her childhood when her father would cook and listen to Greek songs on the pickup) . Her collaboration with the Greek-American singer Evangelia bore fruit.

A day before we heard her open for Madrugada in Kallimarmaro we asked her to tell us her favorite Madrugada songs. He revealed to us that he is a fan of Marina Satti and that he would like to meet her very much.

How do you feel about singing at the Panathinaiko Stadium?

I am in awe of playing at the Panathenaic Stadium. I have visited it many times and it always impresses me. It is a unique and beautiful place.

How did you spend the time after Eurovison?

I got a degree and I’m officially a doctor. I spent my summer working at the hospital in Aalesund and took a week off for my summer vacation. I went to Sicily. And I released three tracks from my upcoming album, “All in”, “Plan” and “AMAN”. I worked a lot this summer but it was enjoyable.

Tell us a few things about AMAN

It’s basically a story where you tell the one you love that you deserve to be loved. It’s that feeling at the beginning of a relationship when you want to convince your partner that you’re a great person. Working with Evangelia was amazing. I’m glad we worked together, even though I was scared at first because you don’t always know how a collaboration will turn out and you don’t want to offend someone if the end result isn’t what you imagined. Fortunately, the result was exactly what I wanted. And we had a good time.

What can we expect from your first album?

Many sad songs about love. Really, I bared my heart. And I’m so proud of the result. I can’t wait for you to hear my songs and be touched.

Tell us your three favorite Madrugada songs

The Majesty. She doesn’t care if it’s a mainstream answer. We are talking about a masterpiece and no one doubts it. Nobody loves you like I do, the lyrics are epic. And This Old House. It’s one of their first songs and I really love it.

Are you now considered famous in the small Norwegian village where you grew up?

I have to go for quite some time because I was studying in another city, bigger. But it was ideal to grow up in a place so beautiful, safe and calm. I have quite a few friends there. We go fishing and hiking. They were always supportive.

Did you go to Ioannina this summer?

After the concert in Kallimarmaro I will go, I really can’t wait. I haven’t seen my grandma for three years because of the pandemic and I miss her so much. I love spending time in Ioannina.

What should I eat and see in Oslo?

I have never lived to tell you the proper parts. I would definitely tell you to go swimming near the Opera and eat Brunost, it’s brown cheese. It is the best cheese, after feta.

Info: The quiet power of Madrugada, their music, will flood the Kallimarmaro Stadium in Athens on Saturday, September 24. This time, they won’t be alone. Two wonderful women, two of Norway’s most beautiful and melodious voices today, Ane Brun and Amanda Tenfjord, will accompany them live on stage. Also, the 10-member choir Irida Vocal Ensemble of Dimitra Karaberopoulou, will accompany Madrugada in two songs on stage.

Doors open: 18:30/ Amanda Tenfjord on stage: 20:30/ Madrugada on stage: 21:15. On the day of the concert (24/9) in the forecourt of Kallimarmaros, BOX OFFICES will be open from 17:00. The electronic sale of tickets (on line) will continue until 17.00 in the afternoon of Saturday 24/9.

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