“Golden” contract for Manolas – Positive and Papastathopoulos to leave

The double deal Kompotis-PAO and the Superleague offer to Grigoriou! Evangelos Michos reveals to Sportdog.gr how the Greek stopper was convinced to leave Limani and how much money he will get, as well as what happened recently with Papastathopoulos. How the new striker of the Union and the coach who is in serious “danger” was injured in training, after his replacement was found.

Olympiacos – AEK: How is it possible that the second-degree contusion suffered by Van Weert in the AEK training session has… roots in Volos?

Which Superleague team wants to change their coach with coach Grigoriou, but despite the pressure he receives, he has not given in?

The same agent-consultant who took Velicz to PAO B is now also taking him to Levadeiakos?

With what salary reduction did Manolas return from Napoli to Olympiacos and with how much salary increase is he going to Dubai? Why, while he came to end his career in Greece, nine months later he left again for…Arabia? And what is his…relationship with Bernard of Panathinaikos?

All the answers to the evening Evangelist

1/LEVADEIAKOS: became the 4th Super League team, after Olympiacos, Volos and Aris, to fire its coach. All in all, however, Giannis Tausianis was the 5th training victim, in the 5 games of the championship so far, after Martins/Corberan – Tansos – Burgos preceded them. As for his replacement, Yasminko Velic for some in the Greek market agents it was… a standard one, if needed and as long as the “rookie” coach didn’t pull on it Great League Tausianis – he would be recruited by Yiannis Kompotis (usually he was a stand-in)! According with the same… mouths, Kompotis who, apart from being the owner of Levadeiakou, has also been a consultant for the last 2 years to Yannis Alafouzou, had played a catalytic role in the decision to select Velic for the position of coach at PAO B. And in fact, the Bosnian coach (a serious and knowledgeable football player) succeeded in the summer despite having strong competition (Yannis Goumas and Simos) in the “clover”…

2/IONIC: it won’t be a surprise if it becomes the next Superliga team to “eat” its coach. The information in the column even says that this has not been done yet, because the administration cannot convince its “chosen”. Who is this; Michalis Grigoriou! It is even said that he has refused twice after being pressured by the Nicaeans to replace Spanos

3/VAN WEERT: in the association they froze with the second degree contusion of the former forward of Volos. Again, it’s good that there is the interruption due to National teams, so he will (reasonably) only miss two games. However, the bad tongues, which are also invoked… ergometrically, say that the Dutchman “paid” for what in Beau’s team he had not done (strong)… preparation. And this is how some explain why Volos at the beginning of the championship presents itself so “fresh“. However, at AEK Almeida, where he “moved” at the beginning of the month, Tom Van Weert “strained” himself and…paid for it immediately with a 2nd degree contusion in training on Thursday (and not in a match!). And to think that Van Weert had not suffered any injuries in the last 2 years!!

4/MANOLAS: so much for him, as for Sokratis (who preceded him), the … bells in Rentis have been “ringing” for a month. In the Greek market, agents knew very well that they had been proposed to several teams in the Arabian Peninsula during this time. Papastathopoulos was more positive / ripe to go but apparently the right offers were not found / arrived. On the contrary, Kostas Manolas was thinking more about it, he seemed undecided. And this particular choice was not random, nor was it made solely because of the money they offered him. He finally agreed to go to Sharjah because he is in… Dubai (he wasn’t baking for Qatar and S.Arabia) while he will be reunited with (teammate at Roma) Miralem Pjanic who went there on September 6th. Like the previous Arab team that … approached Manolas earlier was Al Nasr, which is coached by the former coach of the Greek stopper in Roma, Rudi Garcia!

5/SARZA – BERNARD: a detail that has its own semiotic value and probably went very high is that Costas Manolas went to the team he left to come to Greece and to Panathinaikos the Brazilian star Bernard. As for the contract he certainly found and cannot be compared to indeed “mythical” that the blessed Mino Raiola had made him in Napoli (close to 4,000,000), but it ensures him a salary increase of at least 600 thousand compared to what he received at Olympiakos (plus 1,700,000). In order not to confuse in Sarza, the 7-digit amount of Manolas will be written… two (2) in front.

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