Anna Vagena: Honor and glory to the women of Iran

Anna Vagena: Honor and glory to the women of Iran
Anna Vagena: Honor and glory to the women of Iran

In her statement, the SYRIZA-PS Member of Parliament for Larissa, Mrs. Anna Vagena, states:

For several days, Iran has been rocked by violent protests that have reached the proportions of a bloody social uprising, with more than 32 dead, after the arrest and beating to death of Mahsha Amini, 22, by the morality police for wearing the Islamic dress. scarf on her head very loosely. The girl fell into a coma while in custody and passed away two days later.

The hijab has been compulsory for women in Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and the police enforce a strict dress code. Some hardliners have even called for flogging for women who show their hair, because this leads, they say, to the collapse of morals and the breakup of families.

Iranian authorities, the Iranian president and the police, deny that the girl was beaten, instead claiming that the young woman fell ill in prison, and the country’s government is cutting off networks and communication with the outside world, so that we don’t learn about the dead. .

The streets have been filled with old women resisting, waving and burning their headscarves, and younger women cutting their hair and throwing it away in defiance of a regime that wants the human inhuman, while anger in Iran has been simmering for decades, since it was called a “revolution” a policy that set the country back centuries. Women, like the truth, are always the first victims.

Being a woman in Iran almost means you don’t exist, you’re a shadow. A shadow, which must roam covered, lest it be lusted after and cease to belong to its master. A woman in Iran is one who, if she does something wrong, the authorities have the “right” to kill her.

In the last few days, in the media we have been watching unprecedented scenes and unprecedented things, we are watching women all over the country resisting for rights that we take for granted and all we can do is hope that, it can’t, after that the situation will change position of women in Islam and we will no longer read testimonies of Iranian women about the degrading position of women in Iranian society, which until now seems unreal.”

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