The former football player Manolas

The former football player Manolas
The former football player Manolas

sports column,

exclusively for hooligans, lobotomists and kaffirs

*** Hooligans, Lobotomists and Kaffirs of all groups,

of all parties

and of all religions,

I greet you…

*** One of the thymosophic sayings that certify Folk Spirituality

says that “The Last honor the First.”.

Undoubtedly this is a huge truth,

which, in fact, is also absolutely valid in its reverse reading:

“The Firsts honor the Sterns.”

So let’s see these “firsts”,

looking back just nine months ago (plus a little something), on December 16, 2021,

when the joyous and triumphalist Vangelis Marinakis

solemnly announces the return of Kostas Manolas to Olympiakos

and posts the relevant video on his official Facebook account:

Kostas never left Olympiakos,

was always close to Olympiakos,

and he is a player with a big soul· from a young age, imagine now…

Great power. High speed.

Great experiencenow, from large groups abroad.

And another characteristic that Kostas has

-(trait) needed by a player

to play in Olympiakos, to lead and win games-

is that it also has large ones walnuts.


Kostas, we are happy that he is now with us.

He’s a player I’ve looked up to since he was very young

and I wanted him near us.


I am particularly happy about his run in Europe and how he has played there,

and we are happy that he will be with us for many years to come.».

Immediately after, the sitting football player named after Marinakis takes the floor,

in order for him to contribute his contribution

to his mentor’s non-existent rhetorical ability and lexipenia,

embellishing them with pompous announcements..:

I will also give my soul inside the stadium.

I don’t want to say many words outside the stadium.

The football player must put words into action inside the stadium.

This is what I expect to show in the stadiumin the world of Olympiakos.

To repay the love he showed me today.

(To repay) the trust of the president who was always open

and always with his heart to bring me back to Olympiakos again,

because he was also the one who chose me when I was released from A.E.K.

and he took that risk to bring me to Olympiakos,

and he was the one who supported me from my first steps in Olympiakos.

I thank him very much,

and that’s all I tell him

is that I will prove it to him inside the stadium the trust he always shows me.

I thank him very much, and the whole Olympiakos family.».

Before we return to the present,

let’s go see and – mainly – listen

how the apolitical Nazi plebs had welcomed Kostas Manolas

(yes, we’re talking about that nazi plebe, that ugan sypher,

which for years has been appropriated, exploited and tarnished the history of Olympiakos).

Dominant slogan – apart from the legitimate “Kosta, come on, we’ve gone crazy.”-

the intolerant, disrespectful and in dance

“Cursed is the house of every Unionist,

Kostas, Alani, forever at the port.”

“Kostas” was not at all bothered by this slogan

which – in essence – was a slander of his past.

“Kostas” did not even have basic ethics and courtesy

to make a discreet nod to the mass

and to maintain the festivals at some – even rudimentary – level.

On the contrary,

“Kostas” participated in the tasteless and dystopian zoo fair

humming and chanting the marked “You’re in the mind of something magical.”.

Here is “Kostas”.

All this was happening on December 16, 2021.

Kostas Manolas was the (great) player

with the great soul, with the great strength, with the great speed, with the great experience,

and -slowly sexism and machismo were not absent-

(Kostas) with the big “walnuts”.

Now let’s see what’s happening today,

let’s see who were the First to dishonor the Sternas

and which are the Sterns that dishonor the Firsts.

Yes, this (alleged) player who, according to his patron, had everything “big”,

he was summarily removed from Olympiakos

and will now compete in the league

which – here we laugh – symbolizes World Football Prestige.

Kostas Manolas will drag his “nuts”.

in the renowned, respected and highly competitive UAE league.

No surprise from this development;

Manolas has been a “former football player” for years – in terms of mentality

who constantly refers back to the methods that led him to his advancement.

The big mouths, the lies, the fanfare, you can see it,

considered the unfortunate uneducated Manolas

that they would guarantee him Glory, Apotheosis, Recognition for life and – of course – Favor.

What a criminal fallacy, what a disastrous delusion.

An illiterate kangaroo who caught the “good”

and – in the desperate attempt to promote his “francs” –

he appears with a “super-car” in his hometown, Naxos,

reveling in the stares and exclamations of admiration

that escape from every dazzled “Trambakula”.

The Cyclades – and all island groups in general – are laughing

with the complexes of Kostas Manolas.

Of course, the aforementioned judgment could have been an arbitrary approach,

if there weren’t the corresponding behaviors inside the fields and the locker rooms.

Who forgets the Absolute Blasphemy committed by a local international footballer

in the History of Greek Football.

Who forgets the unethical attitude, indecency and shamelessness

which was demonstrated by the “big nut” Kostas Manolas

when he tried to prevent with the exclamation “boo”

scoring a goal by a Lichtenstein striker.

Who can forget this bottomless fall,

which -in terms of imagery and proportions-

it was like watching a millionaire

to bend down and steal coins from a blind beggar’s cardboard box.

This vile energy-cooking for the Coat of Arms is not forgotten.

Who forgets the clique he had set up in the locker room of the National team,

together with the other “former football player”, Papastathopoulos.

Who forgets that these two – if not “ate” – contributed the most

in the removal of Angelos Anastasiadis

and to the unbearable toxicity faced by his replacement,

the extremely serious coach John van ‘t Ship,

from the football and media centers that provided them with support.


who forgets that the “big nut” Manolas reached the extreme point of shamelessness

to beg quietly and secretly -putting the palm to the mouth-

the referee of the OSF-Maccabi Haifa match,

in order to finish the match without delays,

in order to maintain 0-4 and avoid a further crash

(and who still forgets,

that when he was called upon to speak on behalf of the team after the match,

spewed ghastly “pearl”

saying that he and his teammates were… “against the circumstances”).

This is Kostas Manolas;

possessing football skills,

but disoriented and choosing the easy solutions not.

This is Kostas Manolas;

in the words “big walnut”,

in the psychosynthesis of a white-collar worker, petty bourgeois, retired.

This is Kostas Manolas;

deified months ago, moving away today.

This is Kostas Manolas;

an “ex-footballer” who will not be missed by his friends,

an “ex-footballer” who will be missed by his enemies.

This is Kostas Manolas;

a soccer ball who vowed to avoid her fate

selling the worst quality hay known as “Olympian arrogance”.

But the sound of the bursting bubble was to reach as far as Dubai,

as once again the harsh truth came to triumph

and to debunk one-team championship-narratives

with which her name is inextricably linked

with the terms “Slum”, “Criminal Organization” and “Gang”:

Chic dreams… cost money.

Additional Note:

I close with a very inspiring motto

addressed to the numerous Ugandan plebs

(yes, to this plebe who betrayed Manolas by order,

and now – again on demand – he will disapprove of Manolas):

You shout that you have big “nuts”,

and you play it “apolitical”, but you are Nazis.».

Long live April 30, 1945.

Long live that historic day,

that every democrat Greek and every healthy sports fan expects its repetition.

And the wise men thought…

The Athlete

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