Mitsotakis: What is the red line with Turkey?

Mitsotakis: What is the red line with Turkey?
Mitsotakis: What is the red line with Turkey?

of the APE envoy N. Armenis

“The questioning by Turkey of the Greek sovereignty of the islands of the Eastern Aegean is for me, but also for all Greeks, a red line, we will not tolerate it, it is non-existent and unacceptable” he said from the floor of the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Mr. Mitsotakis spoke of an intensifying revisionist agenda against Greece by Turkey and accused Ankara of continuing to play a destabilizing role in the Eastern Mediterranean. “Mr. Erdogan’s threats that ‘we will come at night if we decide’ are characterized by the rhetoric of an aggressor” noted Mr. Mitsotakis and characterized as extremely worrying the intensifying aggressive rhetoric of Turkey against Greece, the multiple violations of fake news and the denial by the side of the Turkish leadership for dialogue between the two countries.

The prime minister emphasized that Ankara is using migration as a tool and spoke of a fake news campaign regarding the situation with migration flows in the Aegean, while assuring that Greece continues to protect its borders, always respecting international law and human rights.

“I am always open to dialogue on the basis of international law,” Kyriakos Mitsotakis said characteristically and pointed out that the majority of the citizens of the two countries consider each other neighbors and not enemies.

Turkey is undermining stability in our region

Turkey has a revisionist agenda, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in his speech at the 77th UN General Assembly.

“It plays a destabilizing role in our region, and it is the only NATO member country that has not imposed sanctions on Russia,” he said and added that the Turkish leadership’s obsession with Greece is strange.

“Turkey threatens that night will come if it decides. This is the language of an aggressor and not a peacemaker,” said Mr. Mitsotakis, emphasizing that the neighboring country threatens Greece with war “if we choose to expand our territorial waters. The growing tension on the part of Turkey is worrying. Is it the behavior of a NATO country? No. It undermines stability while Ukraine is at war. Turkey’s demands for the Greek islands are weak and unfounded. Challenging the red line of our sovereignty will not pass. Greece will not be intimidated by anyone,” said Mr. Mitsotakis, sending a message of friendship to the Turkish people. “There is another way. The two peoples have a history of peaceful coexistence. Eight years after 1922 the leaders of the two countries signed a treaty of friendship. I would like to address the Turkish people and say that Greece is not a threat to your country. We are your friendly neighbors. The vast majority do not want conflict and hostility. Let’s move forward in a spirit of friendship and cooperation.”

The prime minister also referred to climate change, but also to the Parthenon Sculptures, pointing out that they will return to Greece “whatever it takes”.

Mr Mitsotakis also referred to the war in Ukraine stressing “the EU’s clear position in favor of Ukraine after the Russian invasion”.

As he said, “it is imperative that the Russian invasion does not succeed, in order to send a message to other authoritarian regimes.” He also referred to the energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, saying that Russia is using natural gas as a weapon.

As the prime minister said, “we must become independent of Russian gas”, while he emphasized that the government will continue to support the citizens.

He also referred extensively to the illegal occupation of Cyprus and the division of the island, speaking of “Ankara’s unreasonable demands” in the resolution process, while he supported the UN Secretary General’s proposal for a mutually acceptable solution.

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