The 25-year-old was not fired but resigned from the factory where they worked together

The 25-year-old was not fired but resigned from the factory where they worked together
The 25-year-old was not fired but resigned from the factory where they worked together

“Tholo” still remains the motive behind the cold-blooded murder of the 52-year-old father of two Dimitris Nikiforidis in Kavala, as the claims of the 25-year-old self-confessed killer that his victim bullied him and influenced the factory owner to fire him, were categorically denied.

The young man who was identified by the photos of his large displacement engine that he had posted on social media, was not fired from the marble factory but resigned last April and took a job at another company in Kavala, as assured by his former employer and famous football coach Pavlos Dermitzakis!

Since last Friday, the 25-year-old was playing… theater pretending to be shocked by the death of his former colleague. However, investigations initially focused on the victim’s environment, looking for people with whom the 52-year-old may have had differences.

So the cops learned that victim and perpetrator used to be close friends, however, recently they had personal differences that had escalated since, according to information, the 25-year-old believed that the caretaker was having an illicit love affair with his wife.

In fact, when the young man finally confessed to the crime he committed with a hunting rifle… “borrowed” from his brother, his wife and his parents were brought to the Security and examined as to whether they knew that he had killed the 52-year-old and were covering for him. but then they were released.

In the meantime, Mr uncle of the 25-year-old he told “Live News” that “everything happened suddenly and abruptly. None of us knew anything. When I saw that the Security came in the morning and took the whole family, I started to get suspicious. I thought they called them all from the factory. The child received threats from the 52-year-old daily. When he was studying from work, he would come and tell me about them. His complaint was because he was not getting leave, he was kept there to clean the manholes of the factory. I raised this child with my own hands” while grandmother of he said: “I am in great pain. He is one of the few, the most cherished of all my grandchildren. He was the nicest kid.”

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