Curtain today at Art on the Road 2022

Curtain today at Art on the Road 2022
Curtain today at Art on the Road 2022

The Festival of the Municipality of Heraklion “Art on the Street” which has transformed, as promised from the beginning, the whole city into a celebration, thanks to the impressive participation of the people, is coming to an end today.

The Festival concludes with Kostas Livadas and Andriana Bambalis, again at Eleftherias Square.

The program


19:00-20:30 | The group “Voices of the Street” presents the street theater “Lost Voices: The Trilogy”.

“Fire Refugees”: The real debris left behind by the fires: the people, animals, nature, houses and memories that were extinguished in the flames that are still suffocating our country.

Their ashes are great paths of pain, but also of hope. “The Festival: A Woman’s Story”: Femicide: The killing of a woman as a result of intimate partner violence / The torture and killing of women as a result of misogyny / The killing of women and girls as “honour crimes”. A man’s imagination through a woman’s eyes. A social phenomenon nowadays. A red list that grows day by day.

“The children who never grew up”:

War. A game of great powers. And the most innocent victims. Starring: Irini Gliati, Olga Kastritsi, Angeliki Komisopoulou, Konstantina Raikou, George Tzernias


Lions 20:30

The BATALA CRETA Percussion Association at “Art on the Road” 2022! Members and friends of BATALA CRETA will have the opportunity to watch live a rousing music and dance parade. Batala Creta is a group of Brazilian percussionists who move to samba reggae rhythms based in Heraklion.

If you don’t see them, you will definitely hear them!

Xenia Papamichail, Giannis Tzanetis, Maria Papanikolaou (Maldini), Thalia Chrysou, Maria Kalogeraki, Eliza Veloni, Dana Eskelson, Angeliki Fragaki, Julie Ellis, Jo Fino, Despina Christodoulaki, Yola Dréan, Kallia Katsampoxaki, Jean-Charles Audebert, Maria Zeaki, Pauline Thomas, Jayne Taylor, Kizzie Storey, Rayco Valido Gonzalez, Nektaria Spanaki, Maria Farsari, Tatiana Epanomeritaki, Katerina Kirpi, Danae Katrisioti, Giuseppe Buffa, Steve Macer, Roni Rythianou, Susanna Petche, Maria Maragkaki, Ekaterini Perdikaki, Eleni Alithinou, Socrates Paximadakis, George Kalogerakis, Athena Lekka, Spyros Perdikakis, Maria Martimianaki, Angeliki Fragaki, Popi Giaourta, Karen Fletcher, Sofia Athanasiou, Monica Friedmann, Maria Stathoraki, Eleanna Karandeinou, Evita Tzenaki, Stathis Mayoglou, Katerina Vlachou, Nikos Karanikolis, Savvina Zareifidou, Jean Coenraets, Irini Mela, Ariadni Ainatzopoulou, Dimitris Giannikis, Eleni Lambrakis, Stavros Rasidakis, Prodromos Senik, Pepi Katsiyannaki, Manolis Koutsaki s, Olga Taxidou

Liberty square

21:00-21:15 | BATALA CRETA arrive at Eleftheria Square and kick off the last concert of the Festival!


| Concert: “Inside Tour” with Kostas Levadas. Andrianna Bambali with him! One of the most beloved creators of our generation, returns to his hometown, Crete, for a unique evening with all his songs that we love.

From “You Are My Destiny” to “You Are My Man” and from “Every Balcony Has a Different View” to “As if a Day Hasn’t Passed” and “To Meet You” to “The Persistence your”, “It’s okay with me” and the last album of Kostas “Periodeia geones”, which informally also gives the title to this series of performances.

Andriana Bambali will accompany him on stage in Heraklion and they will share wonderful songs on stage by both Kostas Livadas and Andriana’s hits. The musicians play: Kostas Kavadias (guitars), Emilios Bariabas (bass), Vangelis Kalamaras (drums). Kostas Livadas on the piano, Andriana Bambali on the guitar. Production organization: TECHNOTROPON – Artway Cultural Productions

Last chance to visit: the Handicrafts Exhibition in Eleftheria Square, the Photography Exhibition “Eyes that Feel, Hands that Speak” at the Attic of the Bookstore of the Vikelia Library, the Intercultural Exhibition/Workshop “Bells of the World” by the Traveling Museum of Cultures in the Park Georgiadis, the Photo Exhibition “Faces” by the Hellenic Photographic Society of Heraklion (E.F.E.H.) at the (E.F.E.H.) building, the “Street Photography” Photo Exhibition by the Ai Photographic Group -Yiannis on the outside of Georgiadis Park, the Painting and Clay Workshops at the Youth Center of the Municipality of Heraklion and the MOSAIC Kid’s Art Lab mosaic workshops in Georgiadis Park!

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