He wants to find a cure for cancer and change the world with… a breath of fresh air

THE Kanye West has said he is open to returning to politics, stressing that he has not been deterred by his failed bid for the presidency in 2020.

The rapper, whose father fought him cancer of the stomach in 2018, also stated that he intends to work on curing the disease and will help promote the… “fresh air and food”.

In October 2018, West revealed that his father Ray’s cancer was in remission and that he was going on a strange diet to celebrate.

“Overcome Fear”, West captioned a social media photo of a plate full of insects. “My dad and I are going to eat this insect dish to celebrate him beating cancer. There is no more fear.”

Plus, Kanye West spoke for the relationship that he has with his ex-wife Kim Kardashiansaying that they clashed on some issues, but eventually worked and managed to resolve them.

Ready to return to politics

Asked if he has any future political aspirations, West told ABC News: “Yes of course. You know, this time was not in God’s time. I’m sure there are lives saved. I’m sure God made me fall on my sword and say this is not the time. But he redeemed me. He gave me this oxygen, he gave me this opportunity and he sent amazing people around me. He gave me new purposes. A new life. New air to breathe. And new respect.”

He wants to change the world with… fresh air
When asked how he intends to change the world, he replied: “Fresh air. Fresh food. Fresh food cures cancer. I don’t want to say that because the New York Times will pick it up and say “it will cure cancer” – but it’s quite true. Your food, your diet, is the most important thing. You are what you eat. You are what you consume, not just food, but what you consume in every way – the people around you, the sunlight, the music, the arts, what you hear. That’s why we’re going to change everything.”

The role of social media
The reporter then asked him if he thinks that the social media they are helpful or harmful to him.
In a series of Instagram posts last month, the rapper – who has previously spoken openly about bipolar disorder and his ongoing struggles with mental illness – accused Kim Kardashian of trying to control their children’s lives.

West said he believes social media can be both helpful and harmful.

“This is one of my favorite questions of this interview,” said West to continue; “We can use a car to rush someone to the hospital. Or we could use a car and accidentally hit someone while taking someone to the hospital. It all depends on how we use it.”

West was asked about his parenting style and what it was like to co-parent with his ex-wife. “I have a voice and I don’t agree with certain things, as a dad and as a Christian,” he said to continue: “I have the right to have a say in what my children wear, what they see, what they eat.”

He likened himself to a sperm donor, claiming he was not consulted and angry that the children were attending an expensive private school in Los Angeles when he wanted them to go to his own school, Donda Academy, founded in honor of his late mother.

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