Today the traditional feast of the Serrai in the Grove of Agios Tryphons in Thermi

The Association of Serrai Thermi, like every year, in September, organizes a Serrai Evening, with traditional music, dance and lots of fun.

So, today, Friday, September 23, at 20:00, in the Grove of Agios Tryfons in Thermi, the “Serraic Feast” is being organized with the musicians of Ilias Dimanos and Christos and Yiannis Malamas and the traditional orchestra “Salonikiotiko Takimi”. Christos Giamalis participates in the event with the bagpipe.

The dance sections of the Association will present traditional Serrai dances, accompanied by bellmen, edited as always by the Association’s dance teacher Yiannis Zettas.

Guests at the event will also be: the “Katsikas” Association of Ioannina which will present traditional dances from Epirus, the Skydra Association “Agios Ioannis o Prodromos”, together with the Volunteer Group of Lipochori who will present dances from Macedonia. The traditional Serrai feast will follow with the accompaniment of bells, violin, clarinet, accordion, bagpipes, with traditional music from all regions of Greece.

The Association of Serrai Thermi and the president Panagiotis Maloudis are calling to the whole world by making an appointment with the tradition tonight at 20.00 in the Grove of Agios Tryphons.

The article is in Greek

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