“The new trend: Coffee that has entered the Greek market dynamically”

“The new trend: Coffee that has entered the Greek market dynamically”
“The new trend: Coffee that has entered the Greek market dynamically”

I ordered a coffee – Greek – and waited for it Michalis Katsiavos to go down to his studio together Newsbeast. That’s where we would record it podcast. When he came, he got an espresso. It was the first time we met. Within 3 minutes, we were talking like we were seeing each other every week. This “let’s go for coffee”never loses its momentum and value.

THE Michalis Katsiavos he is a distinguished barista and we met on the occasion of it Athens Coffee Festivalthe great coffee festival organized from September 24 to 26 in Technopolis, Gazi. “Is your coffee good?”, I asked him. Purely out of curiosity. Holding the small white glass, he showed me two or three techniques on how to know if an espresso is good, before tasting it. “Therefore;”, I asked him. After taking a sip to be sure, he answered what he had already explained to me. He is not good. Nevertheless, Michalis is clear: “We are at a high level. Greece has made tremendous strides in the development of the coffee it serves”. And he adds: “But we should constantly follow techniques and methods for the best possible. We are at a high level. The world, that is, the consumer, determines the level. He is looking for quality coffee. He is being trained.”

“At this year’s Athens Coffee Festival we will see new trends, such as plant-based milk. Another new trend is cold brew, the cold filter coffee that has entered the Greek market dynamically”, he tells us, among other things.

Listen to the interesting discussion with Michalis Katsiavos on the Newsbeast podcast


1:41 How easy it is for an expert in the space to drink – and enjoy – a coffee outside

2:14 What are the characteristics of a good barista? How can we understand who is good and who is not?

3:07 Is Greece really in a good position when it comes to the quality of the coffee it offers?

4:11 What will we see at this year’s Athens Coffee Festival?

8:03 Organic coffee is constantly gaining ground. What does this mean for his production?

9:01 Is cold or hot coffee consumed more?

9:45 Which genre is suitable for experimentation and creativity, and which is better to follow the traditional route?

10:32 a.m More and more people are removing sugar from their lives, by extension also from their coffee, and there is also a “turn” to plant-based milks.

11:27 Today’s coffees have no relation to the coffees of previous decades. Is there scope for further development?

12:06 p.m Why should a professional visit the Athens Coffee Festival?

12:32 p.m What role does the equipment play in order to prepare a quality glass of homemade coffee?

13:21 Having a coffee with the company outside is treated as mystagogy. Do we date a cafe more for the quality of the drink it offers or for location?

What coffee do you drink? Whatever your choice, find out at Athens Coffee Festivalthe finest varieties of coffee but also a wide range of coffee machines and accessories that will turn you into a first-class home barista!

The article is in Greek

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