Battle for gym prices

Battle for gym prices
Battle for gym prices

By Sot. Kella
The return to normalcy after the Covid era has brought tension between unions and school boards over the price of school gymnasiums used by indoor teams.
Specifically, from 60 euros per hour per week, the price increases to 180 euros for gyms with parquet floors and from 40 to 120 euros for those without parquet floors. That is, if a club trains ten hours a week, it will pay 1800 euros, while the previous year it paid 600 euros.
An attempt at a compromise was undertaken by the president of DIKEL, Vangelis Moras, who yesterday had a meeting with the three-member committee of the representatives of the associations of closed gyms, which consisted of Mr. Bazakis, Koutroulis, Dimitra Triantafillou. The representatives of the unions said that the price increase will be passed on to parents, something they do not want, especially in an energy crisis, resulting in financial burdens on households.
The unions are sounding the alarm about the withering of Larisa sports, since due to the great energy crisis there will be many parents who will not send their children to sports activities because of the price. At the same time, they emphasized that they themselves pay the cleaning costs, but they are also without heating.
Finally, they expressed their question as to why the football clubs do not pay a single euro for the use of the football fields of the Municipality of Larissa.
Vangelis Moras, in an attempt to find a solution, said that the unions should send a letter to the Mayor of Larissa to reconsider the issue of the price of the closed school gymnasiums, while the chairman of the School Gymnasium Committee, Thomas Daoulas, was also present at some point.
The discussion also revolved around the registration of sports clubs in the register of sports clubs of the General Secretariat of Sports, and the clubs that are not registered will have the last say in the use of school gymnasiums.

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