Crime in Kavala: The unknown fight with the 52-year-old over the dog in…

Crime in Kavala: The unknown fight with the 52-year-old over the dog in…
Crime in Kavala: The unknown fight with the 52-year-old over the dog in…

The 25-year-old man, who allegedly confessed that he killed the 52-year-old foreman in Kavala because, as he said, he considered him responsible for his dismissal, was taken to the prosecutor on Friday afternoon.

The confessed murderer of the 52-year-old he is facing charges of manslaughter in a calm state of mind and illegal carrying of firearms.

According to Star information, the perpetrator she claimed to the police that she did not intend to kill him, but to intimidate him. Cause, as he mentioned, it was the conflict the victim had with the perpetrator’s brother the night before.

The reason for the crime was the fight over the dog

Rape and victim were hunters. According to what the central news bulletin of the Star reported she had asked him to meet the night before for the hunt. Some point, the victim asked for his dog, but he refusedreminding the 52-year-old of the abusive behavior he had towards his brother when they worked in the same business.

When he returned home, the perpetrator was informed about the fight, he grabbed his brother’s rifle, which he legally owns, and went to meet the victim.

What did the defendant claim?

It is recalled that the 25-year-old allegedly confessed that he killed the unfortunate man, because he considered him to be responsible for his dismissal.

A few months ago I was fired and I thought the 52-year-old was responsible for that. As long as I was working in the marble shop, he bullied me, he reportedly said.

On her side, the company he worked for claims the 25-year-old left voluntarily:

“The employee in question left voluntarily, he informed a week before that he will work elsewhere, he left on good terms and he could if he wanted to look for a job again,” it states.

The victim’s close friend is clearly shocked who talked about the last night they spent together.

“We drank beer together on the last night of his life and he also treated me to beers, I drank two, he drank one. He didn’t seem worried about anything, he seemed happy. That is, we were together on Thursday night, on Friday morning they called me that Nikiforidis was killed. My legs were cut off,” he said.

His passion for machines “betrayed” the perpetrator

The confessed perpetrator had a passion for machines. It is a tragic irony that this passion betrayed him. Through his posts on social media, the authorities identified him, as he fled the scene of the crime on his motorcycle.

On his personal Facebook account, he constantly uploaded photos: splashing, standing on a motorcycle, posing in front of it. He boasted about his passion.

The police made a full profile of him. The machine he posed for was the one seen on the security cameras.

The 25-year-old was given a deadline to apologize next week

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