This is Mitsotakis’ “red line” to Erdogan – What will he say to the UN – Newsbomb – News

This is Mitsotakis’ “red line” to Erdogan – What will he say to the UN – Newsbomb – News
This is Mitsotakis’ “red line” to Erdogan – What will he say to the UN – Newsbomb – News

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will refer, among other things, to Ankara’s revisionist agenda, to the escalation of war rhetoric it adopts and to its destabilizing role in the region and beyond, among other things, in his speech in the context of the UN General Assembly.

According to his information, the prime minister will give tough answer on the instrumentalization of migration and Turkey’s lies on this issue and will send a clear message that Greece will protect its borders with respect for human rights. It will also clarify what it is Red line the questioning of Greek sovereignty, reiterating that the dialogue framework for Greece is the International law and will invite Turkey to consultation on this basis.

The prime minister already gave a first answer on Wednesday during a lunch held in his honor by expatriate organizations in New York. He declared that “Greece is not going to be bullied by our aggressive neighbors” and stressed that “challenges to Greece’s sovereignty are completely unacceptable”.

The prime minister responded to the provocative rhetoric of the Turkish president in an interview with the Bloomberg agency, during which he underlined: “Questioning the sovereignty of an ally in NATO is obviously unacceptable. It is not going to be tolerated by Greece, and it basically shows Turkey as a country that is no longer part of what we usually call the Western Alliance.”

Referring at the same time to the Turkish claims on immigration, he emphasized: “To accuse Greece of crimes against humanity in the issue of immigration is simply outrageous, because it is Turkey that, very openly and very publicly, has been instrumentalizing immigrants in the last two years, trying to encourage them, to send them to the Greek borders, trying to push them to Europe”.

Them positions of Greece in Greek-Turkish and the baseless allegations of Tayyip Erdoğan were developed by the prime minister in his interview with CNN yesterday.

He stated among others:

“I am not in a position to know what President Erdoğan is thinking and whether this is simply a matter of his internal audience. But what I can tell you is that in recent months, we have seen a crescendo of Turkish rhetoric directed mainly against Greece with completely baseless, absurd claims challenging sovereignty over the Greek islands. We have made it very clear that this pattern of rhetoric is unacceptable. There is only one framework for resolving disputes between states, and that is strict adherence to International Law, and in our case, adherence to the Law of the Sea. And we constantly encourage Turkey to sit down at the table and discuss based on these principles. After all, we are neighbors and we need to find a way to resolve our differences in a civilized manner.”

At the same time, Kyriakos Mitsotakis in his speech to the UN will make special reference to Turkish Invasion and its illegal possession Cyprusstressing that the two-state solution is not acceptable.

For the war in Ukraine Kyriakos Mitsotakis will speak about a pivotal moment for the international community, the UN and the struggle of democracies against authoritarian regimes.

He will refer to the consequences of the war and the difficult winter due to the instrumentalization of energy by Russia, making it clear that there is a need to support the citizens, while he will argue that to deal with the energy crisis there should be a shift to RES and other diversified energy sources.

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