Italian elections: Today the parties close the election campaign – Storm of reactions for the statements of the President of the Commission on possible intervention (video)

Italian elections: Today the parties close the election campaign – Storm of reactions for the statements of the President of the Commission on possible intervention (video)
Italian elections: Today the parties close the election campaign – Storm of reactions for the statements of the President of the Commission on possible intervention (video)

Response from Italy for ERT: Christian Mavris

In Italy, the pre-election campaign is coming to an end today ahead of Sunday’s national elections. In Rome’s Piazza del Popolo, the curtain falls for the Center-Left, while yesterday in the same square the pre-election campaign of the Center-Right faction, the favorite of the upcoming elections, closed.

Speeches by Berlusconi, Lupi, Salvini and Meloni – No mention of Russia, common ‘enemy’ China

Yesterday afternoon a packed Piazza del Popolo, with many young people and party flags, welcomed the leaders of the Center-Right faction.
The square was filled with thousands of people and flags, in a generally positive atmosphere, many young people, with hope for change and solving the problems. The correspondent of ERT, Christian Mavris, was at the site, and he did not perceive anything particularly extreme, no fascist greetings for example, something that has been talked about in recent days due to isolated incidents.

The opening speech belonged to Silvio Berlusconi, who introduced himself as one of the most loved and respected Italian leaders around the world, and as the country’s last elected prime minister. With a very strong stage presence, the Cavaliere gave his stamp in the name of freedom, but also the importance of a Europe as a military power, while opposing the European veto.

Salvini against illegal immigration and drugs, Meloni against lockdowns and the management of the coronavirus

This was followed by Lupi and then Salvini, who focused on the need for Italy to switch to nuclear power, while positioning himself against of irregular immigration, even recalling his role as Minister of State, when he blocked immigrants entering the country and protected the Italian border, stressing that he is looking forward to doing it again.

Salvini also spoke out against drugs of all kinds. “There are no good or soft drugs,” Salvini pronounced. Here we should emphasize that the applause from the many young people present was objectively much smaller.

Georgia Meloni closed the meeting, with a speech in high tones especially towards the end. The possible future Italian prime minister, according to opinion polls, emphasized that “the world should not be afraid of us”, except for the Left and those who want to “take away freedom”, and spoke against the lockdown and the management of the coronavirus of the Left Minister Sperantsa.

Common points within the Center-Right gathering: everyone should go vote, having a common ‘enemy’ China (while there was no mention of Russia).

Silvio Berlusconi: Putin wanted to replace the Zelensky government with decent people

A ruckus was created by Silvio Berlusconi’s presentation on Rai1 last night. Referring to the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Cavaliere stated that “Russian troops were supposed to enter (Ukraine), reach Kyiv in a week, replace Zelensky’s government with a government of decent people, and go back inside the week. Instead, they found unexpected resistance that was then reinforced with weapons of all kinds from the West.”

The statement provoked fierce reactions in the Center-Left, which, through the mouth of Leta, characterized Cavaliere’s words as serious and scandalous, while Berlusconi’s allies did not openly comment on the matter.

Reactions to President von der Leyen’s intervention in the election result

A storm of reactions was also caused after the position of the President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, regarding a possible difficult situation the day after the national elections. “If Italy gets into a difficult situation, we have the tools, as in the case of Poland and Hungary,” the President said.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen speaks during the Global Fund’s Seventh Replenishment Conference, Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022, in New York. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)Letta believes that von der Leyen will clarify her position, Tajani emphasized that the Center-Right is made up of convinced Europeans, while Matteo Renzi stated that the President of the Commission should not interfere in Italian affairs, since even if the Right, Europe must respect the election result.
Salvini was harsher, saying that the President should “either apologize or resign”. In fact, the League is holding a sit-in protest at 18.30 today, with Matteo Salvini, at the headquarters of the European Commission in Rome.

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